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May 26, 2017

Jacks Deli to close in June

By Alex Lloyd Gross Jacks Deli, located on the 8500 block of Bustleton Avenue in the Fox Chase section of the city is closing by the end of June.  The little deli  grew from a small store when it first opened in the 1970,s.  Now, the place dominates the Shoppers World strip mall.   When


Chinese Lantern Festival is a photographers paradise

By Alex Lloyd Gross With so many events going on that restrict people from bringing in cameras with detachable lenses, like the NFL Draft and presidential visits,  it’s refreshing for everyday people to attend an event where they can bring photo equipment and be able to experiment with exposures and ISO ratings.  It makes  taking


May Fair held over weekend

By  Alex Lloyd Gross Brisk weather did not stop the annual May fair from happening. The outside event took place with a short burst of rain on Saturday.  Franford Avenue was closed around the Cottman Avenue vicinity.  People were able to check out a car and motorcycle show that spanned an entire city block.  There


Amtrak conductor arrested for derailment

By Alex Lloyd Gross Brandon Bostian, the conductor who was responsible for the Amtrak crash in May 2015 that killed eight people and injured over 200 more was charged by the office of the Attorney General today, May 18, 2017, when it became clear that the Philadelphia District Attorney would not be pursuing any criminal


City honors Centenarians

By Alex Lloyd Gross There were hundreds of stories waiting to be told  at the Sugar House Casino today, May 18, 2017. The city of Philadelphia held a luncheon for people who have lived to be at least 100 years old, or who will celebrate their 100th birthday this year.   During the event,  the seniors


Low voter turnout pushes Krasner to victory

By Alex Lloyd Gross A very low voter turnout has propelled Democratic District Attorney candidate Larry Krasner to victory in Philadelphia.  He’s not the DA yet, first he must beat Beth Grossman, the republican candidate in November.  Krasner, a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia  is backed by political meddler George Soros, and that could be


Bucks County judge dispenses justice for Cash

By Alex Lloyd Gross Cash was a beautiful, docile dog, a family pet owned by a Levittown family.  One day in April, 2016. Montel Johnson thought it would be a great idea to steal items from a pick up truck parked outside a Bristol Township Street.  That decision changed Johnson’s life forever.  as the trucks


Bensalem K Mart is out of business

By Alex Lloyd Gross The K Mart in Bensalem is closed.  The last day of the liquidation was May 14, 2017,   The store, was picked dry, a mere shadow of what is was just one year ago.  This store closing came as a shock to  most people, as the store was generally busy. It was


One injured at Bensalem school chemical accident

By Alex Lloyd Gross One science teacher sustained a minor injury from a chemical mishap in a science class yesterday, May  9 2017  At Bensalem High School. A very small bottle of formaldehyde broke and some of the chemical spilled in the classroom. The teacher drove himself to a local hospital for precautionary  reasons only,


Philly cop arrested after he punched wife in head and more

By Alex Lloyd Gross Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross announced the arrested and firing of 10 year veteran officer Antonio Mayhew.   “It’s one of the most irresponsible things I’ve every heard of”, Ross said. Mayhew is accused of leaving  his patrol assignment in South Philadelphia and driving to  the 5200 block of Market Street.


Downingtown school administrator suspended after video rant

By Alex Lloyd Gross Zach Ruff, 40, Assistant Vice Principal to the Dowingtown STEM Academy has been suspended indefinable , after being caught on video cursing at, and trying to intimidate two teenagers who were protesting abortion, on a public street, outside his school.  “YOU DON’T TALK TO MY STUDENTS” Ruff screamed at the pair,


Basement fire destroys Bristol Borough house

By Alex Lloyd Gross Firefighters from Bristol Borough, Bristol and Falls Twp.’s were called to do battle with a stubborn fire on Otter Street, near Swain Street.  The blaze was reported just after 1:00PM today, may 1 2017. Firefighters Were originally told a child was in the dwelling . That information proved to be false.