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January 15, 2019

Shooting caught on camera in Philly

By Alex Lloyd Gross Imagine walking down the street and a car pulls up and the occupants shoot at you.  After you get away safe, the first thing you would do is call the cops. That’s not what happened January 13, 2019  on the 200 block of E. Armstrong Street.  The suspect was smart, and


Philly Home Show is here for the weekends

By Alex Lloyd Gross If you are looking for something to do during the weekend, and do not want to spend a lot of money, check out the Philly Home Show.  It’s being held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, in center city.  If you own a home or are thinking of buying one, you should


Fire destroys house in Southampton

by Alex Lloyd Gross An aging Victorian house was destroyed by a quick moving fire on Knowles Avenue today, January 11 2019. No injuries were reported. A woman was the sole occupant and she got out with no injuries. Knowles Avenue is in Upper Southampton, near 2nd Street Pike.  The fire started quickly but grew


School Bus and car collide in Northeast Philadelphia

By Alex Lloyd Gross A School Bus and passenger car collided at Knights and Woodhaven Roads during the early morning rush hour january 9 2019. Three people on the bus sustained injuries as well as the driver of the car, police said. The crash happened just before9:00 AM as the bus , which was on 

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Traffic crash takes out city trash truck on Cottman Avenue

By Alex Lloyd Gross Two cars collided at the intersection of Cottman Avenue and Walker Street in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia today, January  7 2019. one of the vehicles came to rest head on into a city trash truck. The driver of that car, Kristjana Kina of Northeast Philadelphia suffered injuries from the crash. 


Phila Soda tax to blame in grocery store closing

By Alex Lloyd Gross When the Sweetened Beverage tax was enacted January 2017, critics claimed it would cost jobs. They were right. Not only have delivery jobs been lost,  it was announced today that the Shoprite located at 6710 Haverford Avenue is out of business as of the last day in March 2019. As was

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Mummers march down Broad Street for 2019

By Alex Lloyd Gross Perfect weather for a parade. After a soggy New Years Eve, temperatures gave way to the mid 60’s and that brought crowds to center city.  The mummers parade is a tradition dating back over 100 years.  The route changed and for a brief period of time in the 1990’s, the parade


Vehicle drives through apartments in Bensalem

At least two families are homeless tonight, December 29, 2018, when a vehicle went out of control and slammed into an apartment on Neshaminy Valley Drive in Bensalem.  The vehicle went through the wall and caused severe structural damage. The occupant of a downstairs unit was home but not hurt.  The second floor unit sustained

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