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January 22, 2019

Bristol cops forced to shoot attacker

Submitted. Police wait for investigators to arrive

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A man wanted for a stabbing in the Bronx section of New York was shot and killed by police in Bristol Twp Friday, March 2 2018. The incident happened just after 1:00 Pm when police responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle that was on Edgley Avenue  near Runway Road. That vehicle, was registered in New York and had front end damage. It was sitting, occupied with it’s four way flashers on.

As cops went to investigate, the occupant, a male in his 20,s pulled knives and a hatchet or machete and advanced on the officer.  Had the male simply complied, he would be in jail right now, but he would still be alive.  The  Bucks County Detectives and numerous other agencies responded to the scene.

The roads were closed until shortly after 5:00 PM by Bristol, Falls and Tullytown Fire Police.  As is standard procedure, this shooting will be investigated by Bucks County Detectives.  There is no timetable for when this will be completed. None of the officers were injured seriously, police said.

The vehicle sat on the side of the road,it’s front end smashed from an unrelated accident, until police and tow truck workers could clear the scene.  Strong winds and sleet did not help the investigators, who had to stay outside  with little shelter from the elements.


Alex Lloyd Gross
Alex Lloyd Gross has the reputation for aggressive news coverage. With over 40 years experience including working at The News Gleaner, and had his work published in books and magazines that span the entire globe. With a strong background in emergency service related topics, he can bring forth a perspective that others cannot.
A contributor to Starfile Photo Agency for 20 years, Alex has been given access to and has photographed luminaries of both stage and screen.
He now shares his talent with you.

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2 Responses “Bristol cops forced to shoot attacker”

  1. March 3, 2018 at 11:56 am

    Could have been worse? The guy died

  2. March 3, 2018 at 11:56 am

    He could have shot or stabbed cops. That would be worse.

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