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Phila Water Dept. to shut off delinquent customers April 2, 2018

If you were behind on your water bill, there was a hold on shutting off residential water supply . That will expire on April 2, 2018 .  On or after that date, if you  owe money and have not entered into any arrangement, you can have your service shut off.  It’s fair game.  What follows is a news release verbatim,  which lists how you can apply for help if you need it.

PHILADELPHIA-The Philadelphia Water Department and Water Revenue Bureau are letting customers know that if they are behind on their water bills, they may face shutoff starting April 2, 2018. 

 A temporary moratorium for water shutoffs is ending, and customers with past due accounts may receive a shutoff notice or lose water access. Customers are urged to pay their bills in full or make payment arrangements to avoid shutoff. 

In addition to mailing in a water bill payment, accounts can be made current at www.phila.gov/revenue or by calling (877) 309-3709.

All residential customers received an announcement about the April 2 start date for shutoffs with water bills mailed out in the second week of March. The notice, along with messages shared through social media by PWD and Revenue, includes information about how to avoid shutoff by applying for the new assistance programs now available to a broader range of customers.

Because water is not turned off as assistance applications are being processed, anyone struggling to pay their water bill ahead of the shutoff start date is encouraged to apply for help immediately.

 A new one-stop application can help customers who:

  • Have low income
  • Are seniors
  • Experience a special hardship that makes it difficult to pay their water bills

Applications can be completed online, printed or requested in the mail by visiting www.phila.gov/water-bill-help or calling (215) 685-6300.

The City of Philadelphia anticipates that as many as 60,000 residents may now qualify for lower water bills through expanded relief efforts, including the Tiered Assistance Program (TAP). The program was introduced in July 2017, following the passage of a bill in City Council that called for action to help low-income households facing shutoff or simply struggling to pay.

Customers who do not qualify through the new one-stop application process may still benefit from payment agreements or other programs, so anyone who cannot pay their bill should call the Department.

PWD partners with the Utility Emergency Services Fund (UESF) and other nonprofit, community service organizations to help customers get signed up for assistance programs, including TAP, senior discounts, and the UESF Utility Grant Program. Get more information at www.UESFacts.org or call (215) 972-5170.

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