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Brooke Shields gives keynote talk at Women’s Forum in Atlantic City

Alex Lloyd Gross photo- Delaware valley News.com Brooke Shields speaks with the media before her keynote speech.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Brooke Shields, the teenage actress and model  that boys dreamed of  with sexy ads   and movies is all grownup. She is a powerful lady who speaks on women’s issues. From education to volunteering,  she is all about it.  That is why the Women’s Forum  asked her to speak at their luncheon today, June 7, 2018 at the Golden Nugget.  This organization was founded in 1994 and exists to help Greater Atlantic City Charities, which in turn helps people who are in need.

Alex Lloyd Gross photo- Delaware Valley News.com

Speaking before the event, she was reminded about her days at Princeton University.   “I’ve been back for my 20th reunion and my 25th as well. Actually, I go there a lot, I still have a lot of friends that are there.”, she said.  “i did the commencement speech a few years ago and I’ve been asked to to teach there, which is extraordinary,” she said. When asked what she would teach, she was honest in her reply. “I said no  because of that very reason,  I don’t think I’m prepared for it , but the idea is some kind of a Master Class,” Shields said.

Alex Lloyd Gross photo- Delaware Valley News.com

The question that a lot of people want to know from Brooke is what should they say to their children if they wanted to pursue a career as an actor. “I think it’s something you better want more than anything and get an education, something to fall back on. This is something that you will hear a lot more “No’s”,  than you will people saying “Yes”.


Before her talk  to a sold out crowd,  she spoke briefly on the “Me Too” movement.  “I was never a part of that, as you know, my mother was constantly around me and kept a lot of that at bay. She was the most hated women in Hollywood,” Shields joked.  Still, she is glad that women are taking a stand about it. She also talked about constantly learning new things. “It’s so important to keep learning  and trying to learn to do different things. You have no idea what you are capable of,” she said.

Before the event, people could bid on items donated to a silent auction.  Things from a night at the new Hard Rock Casino to  sports memorabilia were up for bid. All of the money raised went to  the Women’s Forum, which will be put back into the local community.

Alex Lloyd Gross
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