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Protest at Mayor Kenney’s Apartment Closes Race Street

Dawn Altstatt Special To Delaware valley News.com The protest

by Alex Lloyd Gross

When the homeless took up an encampment at 22nd Street and Ben Franklin Parkway, no one ever thought it would go this long. It started in June. It is now September. Finally, after being made a laughing stock,  city officials said they are finally going to kick the homeless out of Von Colin Park. It will happen Wednesday, Sept  9.

The supporters of the homeless encampment staged a protest outside an apartment used by Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney.  The apartment on Race Street, near the historic district was not entered. In Portland Oregon, protesters there set a fire in the lobby of their mayors apartment.  Aside from some marching and chanting,  this was peaceful. Traffic along Race Street was shutdown.

The protesters, about 150 strong  vowed to be at the encampment Tuesday and Wednesday for a “party”.  The city has given several eviction notices to the homeless  encampment and let all of them expire with no action. The homeless  have demands that the city calls unrealistic., such as giving free houses to homeless people.and allowing  camping at city parks.

Dawn Altstatt Special to Delaware valley News.com A birds eye view of the protest.


This encampment has seen several stabbings and multiple people have been urinating and defecating on the ground. They have their own food delivery , their own makeshift security and they make their own rules, by not allowing photography, which is illegal.

Alex Lloyd Gross
Alex Lloyd Gross has the reputation for aggressive news coverage. With over 40 years experience including working at The News Gleaner, and had his work published in books and magazines that span the entire globe. With a strong background in emergency service related topics, he can bring forth a perspective that others cannot.
A contributor to Starfile Photo Agency for 20 years, Alex has been given access to and has photographed luminaries of both stage and screen.
He now shares his talent with you.

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