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Bill Cosby Conviction Overturned, Released From Prison

Alex Lloyd Gross File Photo Delaware Valley News.com Bill Cosby in happier days.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The Montgomery County District Attorney screwed up big time when Kevin R. Steele  brought rape charges against the aging entertainer.  The problem with that was Kevin Steele did not honor  the agreement between Cosby and then District Attorney Bruce Castor. Castor promised Cosby that if he testified truthfully in depositions in a civil case against him, by Andrea Constand in 2004. he  would not use that testimony  and no charges would be filed.

In 2018 Steele got a conviction against Cosby and secured a three to 10 year prison sentence against him.  Today, June 30, 2021 the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled in Cosby’s favor and bared any further prosecution against him.  Cosby was ordered released and will be picked up from prison by his publicist Andrew Wyatt. Cosby will be transported to his home in Elkins Park.

While in prison, Cosby refused to take any responsibility for the accusations leveled against him. He steadfastly maintained that he never had  non consensual sexual encounters with anyone.  He was denied parole due to the fact he never took any classes or  participated in any therapy, stating that he would do the full decade in prison before he admitted to wrong doing.  Cosby served just  under three years in prison.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo _ Delaware Valley News.com The State Correctional Institute In Chester Pa., where Cosby spent some of his sentence.


Cosby will return home a free man but his ongoing health problems will most probably hinder any type of comeback. Even if he did, it is doubtful any companies would sponsor any television show he is on.  He was paid millions of dollars to advertise products such as  The New Coke, which failed miserably, in spite of Cosby’s endorsement.

He was the recipient of many awards and those awards and titled were rescinded.  According to Wikipedia,  they are:


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