Charges May Be Filed In Crash That Killed Philly Police Officer

by Alex Lloyd Gross

June 24, 2022

The driver of a 2009  BMW could face charges in the future , stemming from a fatal accident late last night, June 23, 2022 . This crash claimed the life of off duty Philadelphia Police Officer Henry Gonski, of the northeast.  Police said the BMW  with three 0ccupants in it was speeding south on Bustleton Avenue and the officer was driving west on Rennard when the crash happened.


There were reports that since none of the occupants of the striking vehicle sustained injuries they were released to family members without charges.  When it comes to accident case,  most of the time, charges are filed months after the crash. The investigation had to be completed . Part of the investigation are math computations to determine speed,  skid marks to determine evasive action and other  evidence gathered at the scene. Police said it is normal not to charge someone immediately.

None of the people in the BMW reported any injuries. Gonski was trapped in his vehicle and had to be freed by medics, police said. He was pronounced dead at 12:05 AM June 24, 2022. The crash happened just before midnight.


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8 thoughts on “Charges May Be Filed In Crash That Killed Philly Police Officer

  1. The picture you are displaying does not pertain to the fatal accident on Bustleton Ave that killed officer Gonski. If you can’t get photos correct, you are not credible. The driver was not arrested at the scene and this is not phila police uniforms!

  2. I thought the driver was white unlike the photo you shared ….am I correct! They released him on the scene and shook his hand!!!

  3. Officer Gonski was my friend. It saddens me that nothing of his funeral was covered by any news outlets. I am also concerned that the young man who hit him will leave the country, what then?

    1. I agree and am so saddened by his death. Unfortunately there is no coverage that can be found anywhere with updates. At least expected coverage of his funeral, etc!

  4. Multiple from normal police protocol occurred with this accident.
    1. No tests to determine alcohol or drug levels were performed on the driver causing the death of the officer.
    This is NOT standard procedure.
    2. The car causing the officer’s death was not impounded for investigation of its black box. Instead, it was turned over to a friend of the perpetrating driver.
    This is NOT standard procedure.
    WHY did the police destroy any chance of a proper investigation??

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