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Bristol Borough

Tall Ship Docks in Bristol Wharf

By Alex Lloyd Gross The Kalmar Nyckel is a replica of a ship that sailed in 1638, to found a place called New Sweden. Built in 1997 it comes in at 141 feet. It considers Delaware it’s home port and is visiting Bristol Borough until Sunday September 15. you can sail on it  buy purchasing

Bristol Borough Standoff Comes to a Safe End

Digital Reporter- Jeff Bohen A reported by DVN first the quiet of a Bristol Borough Street became a nest for law enforcement activity as a female reportedly armed with a handgun barricaded herself on the 300 block of Washington Street around  7 p.m Monday night. Upon arrival Bristol Borough Police confirmed a 42 year-old female

BREAKING: Barricade Situation in Bristol Borough Ends

Jeff Bohen and Alex Lloyd Gross Update: 11:35 p.m. – After several hours a Woman on the 300 block of Washington St in Bristol Borough surrendered herself to authorities. She is being transported by emergency services to a local medical facility. Full story Tuesday.   JB Police from Bensalem and Bristol Township are on scene

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