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Bristol Borough

Woman Stabbed In Bristol Borough Domestic Assault

by Alex Lloyd Gross UPDATE 11:50 am The male suspect was identified as Dennis Chriskoy. from Levittown. He was arrested when responding police officer James Ellis  found  him a few feet from the incident. He was bleeding from his hand. After determining that Chriskoy was the suspect, he took him into custody and transported him

Bristol Flea Market Back In Business

by Alex Lloyd Gross Starting today, Friday June 12 2020, the Bristol Flea Market located at rt 13 and Veterans Highway is back.  Sort of.  It is going to be held out doors and the store will be locked and not accessible.   Due to tremendous popularity, space is going to be limited. Many of

State Rep. Tina Davis District Office Now Reopened

by Alex Lloyd Gross As Pennsylvania goes into the yellow phase,  people are starting  to reopen businesses and offices in the area.  Constituents still need the services of their elected officials. For much of the spring most people who worked in district offices  worked remotely.  On an as needed basis, for true emergencies,  there may

Pet Dog Dies In Bristol Boro House Fire

by Alex Lloyd Gross A pet dog died during a house fire on Lincoln Avenue in Bristol Borough.  The fire was in the middle of a row of three houses, that looked as though they were converted to apartments.  According to Borough Fire Chief Herb Slack,  the fire started in the rear of the middle

Black Lives Matter In Bristol

by Alex Lloyd Gross An estimated 3000 people marched in Bristol Borough Bucks County, to protest the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police.  This demonstration was a part of many different demonstrations that took place in the region, including a very large one at the steps of the Art Museum.  Organizers

Bristol Borough Police Warn Against Fake News

By Alex Lloyd Gross Someone forwards a post on social media and it spreads like wildfire. Recently, the police learned about about a woman in a nursing outfit that was beaten by four men, It was FAKE NEWS and did not happen..  It is posted on social media as a fact. There was nothing true

Wanted For Robbery In Bristol Borough

by Alex Lloyd Gross It is illegal to steal from a store. It is simple retail theft. When you escalate that to a felony by pulling a weapon on store employees,  that changes the dynamic. Even if you do not intend on using it. It is now a robbery. That is exactly what happened at

Food Drive In Croydon Hopes To Continue

by Alex Lloyd Gross With most people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic,  Food banks like this one have sprung up all across the nation.  Food is donated by stores or other businesses and given out for free to people that need it.  At the St. Thomas Aquinas Church on Bristol Pike, in the Croydon section

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