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Local Politicians Demand Local Hospitals Get Access To Remdesivir

Earlier this month, Remdesivir received emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), following data from a clinical trial indicated that it shortened the recovery time of hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Gilead Services donated Remdesivir to the federal stockpile which gives Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Senior Citizen Arrested For Fighting Two Federal Officers

by Alex Lloyd Gross Most Federal Offices are closed to the general public. Including the Social Security Administration.  That fact did not stop William K. Washington , 65 of Philadelphia from trying to get into the field office located at 701 Chelten Ave in Philadelphia.  He needed assistance and rather than speaking on the phone

Senior Citizen Charged After Spitting on Grocery Clerk

by Alex Lloyd Gross Charges have been filed against a senior citizen from Lower Makefield, after he is accused of coughing on a grocery worker at Redner’s on Lincoln Highway April 28, 2020. Police said that James Edelstein, 75, of the 2000 block of East Wellington Road, allegedly got into an argument with a cashier.

Man Publishes Snitch List of COVID-19 Rule Breakers

by Alex Lloyd Gross People call the authorities all of the time. To report speeding vehicles or even illicit activity in their neighborhood.  Now, with corona virus lock downs  taking center stage in peoples lives,  those “snitches”  are calling the authorities to report parties on their blocks,  businesses that are open  and not adhering to

Food Drive In Croydon Hopes To Continue

by Alex Lloyd Gross With most people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic,  Food banks like this one have sprung up all across the nation.  Food is donated by stores or other businesses and given out for free to people that need it.  At the St. Thomas Aquinas Church on Bristol Pike, in the Croydon section

City To Close Temporary COVID-19 Hospital Next Week

by Alex Lloyd Gross By the end of next week, the make shift COVID-19 facility at Temple University will stop accepting new patients.  Those that are there, will be discharged to their homes,  Dr. Thomas Farley,  City Health Commissioner said. The patients that are there now will be discharged to their homes as well.  The

Problems For SEPTA Commuters Waiting For Some Buses

by Alex Lloyd Gross Few things in life are as frustrating as waiting for a bus and watching it drive by without stopping. That is what is happening with some SEPTA bus routes. “We have limited capacity on buses and when the bus reaches capacity, they are not permitted to allow anyone else on the

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