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Camden Woman Gets Over A Decade In Jail For Bensalem Crash

by Alex Lloyd Gross Patricia Cortez, of Camden New Jersey will be spending the next 12 to 24 years i9n state prison for driving drunk and getting into a accident in Bensalem in April of 2020.  This crash resulted in the deaths of three people. She pleased guilty yesterday,  January  25, 2021 before judge Theodore

Former Bucks County Teacher Goes To Jail For Upskirt Photos

by Alex Lloyd Gross Francis James Reppert is going to0 be spending  about two years in jail, after he was sentenced for  taking upskirt photos of some of his female students in 2019.  You can read the original story here. He was sentenced by Bucks County Judge Raymond McHugh to serve one year less one

Fake Lottery Ticket Cashed in In Bristol Boro

by Alex Lloyd Gross Bristol Borough Police said the employees of the Bath Street Market were scammed out of $448.00 when someone presented a “winning” lottery ticket and the store paid it.  Upon reconciliation with their books, it turns out that the ticket was a fake.  Police thought they had a photo of the culprits

Bensalem Cops Look For Brazen Hardware Store Thief

by Alex Lloyd Gross Shoplifters take everyone’s money.  No one like a thief, especially shop owners.  That is why police are looking to find out who stole six propane heaters, on different days.  Security cameras pictured the same male load up with three of them on January 1, 2021 and leave without paying. He came

Woman Steals Charity Boxes From WAWA In Bucks County

by Alex Lloyd Gross Police in the upper end of Bucks County want to know who the woman is that is in the photo.  She entered the WAWA store in Richlandtown , on West End Blvd. on January 15, 2021. She stayed in the store for about 18 minutes which is longer than most customers

Trenton Quiet As Protesters Are A No Show

by Alex Lloyd Gross By 1:00 PM January 17, 2021 it was clear that the mass protests that were talked about on the internet were not going to happen in Trenton.  Dump trucks and were used to block off streets close to the Statehouse.  Nearby, in a parking garage sat dozens of State Police and

Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion: On Elections

My name is Paul Big Bear and this is (what will be) my weekly column, titled, “Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion” in the weeks to come I will be discussing many topics, and expressing my opinion on them. This is not to evoke argument or debate, these things are difficult at best in a

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