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Murder Warrants Issued For Pat’s Steak Killing

by Alex Lloyd Gross September 19 2021 Philadelphia Police announced today, they have secured warrants for the arrest of  two males in connection with the killing of Isidro Cortez from Queens New York,. This happened just before 2:00 AM September 16, 2021.   Police said that Cortez was at the soccer stadium in Chester Pa with

Falls K-9 Officer Remembers His Partner, Tag.

Since Cpl. Steve Langan met Tag, the dog who would become his 11-year partner in April 2008, the two were virtually inseparable. The K-9 officer and his four-legged partner lived and worked together. Tag accompanied the Langan family on annual vacations to Myrtle Beach and even traveled with them to Disney World. “I took him

Young Idiots Rob Male On North Philadelphia Street

by Alex Lloyd Gross You have to be stupid to rob someone. You have to be an idiot to do it in the middle of a public street. There are security cameras everywhere that will capture your every move.  Detectives will use these videos to track you and get really good photos of you. That

Robbers Wanted By Police In Olney VIDEO

by Alex Lloyd Gross Philadelphia police just released video of males they say are wanted for a point of gun robbery at the Sugar Bar on September 8 2021.  The bar, located on the 4600 block of N. 5th Street was occupi9ed at the time.  It was about 8:00 PM.   One black male entered

Suspect Barricades Himself At NE Motel Holds Himself Hostage

by Alex Lloyd Gross September 14, 2021 Philadelphia Police are trying to negotiate with a male who is holding himself hostage while holed up inside a room on the second floor of the Motel 6, On the Roosevelt Boulevard, near Haldeman Avenue.  The incident started just before noon when police attempted to serve a warrant

One Year Old Toddler Has Drug Overdose In Kensington

by Alex Lloyd Gross Sept 13 2021 Drugs are bad news. They are prevalent in almost every community. However, in Kensignton, they are ubiquitous . Everyday, people are zombied out on whatever drug or you can see them contorting themselves in different positions. These people are adults or teenagers that should know better. Today, Sep

Do You Remember Where You Were 20 Years Ago? 9/11/01

by Alex Lloyd Gross September 11, 2021 It’s been 20 years since deranged terrorists flew planes into buildings and killed over 3000 people. That day, people froze.with fear. They went to work. By 11:00 AM, most city skyscrapers were emptying out, closed,  out of fear of another attack. No one wanted to do any work

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