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January 23, 2018


Meet the new Deputy Director of Public Safety for Bensalem

By Alex Lloyd Gross His name is William McVey.  When Pat Ponticelli retired this month, Bensalem needed a new Deputy Director.  Many municipalities hire a professional  to search the country for their ideal candidate for this type of position.  Not here. All  the Director of Public Safety, Fred Harran needed to do was to look

Woman hurt by DUI driver in NE Phila

By Alex Lloyd Gross A grinding two vehicle crash at the intersection of  Academy and Woodhaven Roads in northeast Philadelphia sent two people to local hospitals January 5 2018. One of the drivers was in police custody, for allegedly driving drunk. That driver was north on Academy Rd  driving a Chevy when  he allegedly ran

Krasner sacks 31 prosecutors

By Alex Lloyd Gross On Tuesday Jan 2, 2018 Larry Krasner was sworn in as District Attorney of Philadelphia. He vowed to work with veteran prosecutors and wanted to work for a change in Philadelphia. Less than four days into his term, he fired 31 lawyers. Some were attached to the  homicide unit.  Jan 5,

Larry Krasner sworn in as District Attorney

By Alex Lloyd Gross Larry Krasner, the most controversial candidate in  the race for District Attorney was sworn in today, January 2, 2018 in Philadelphia, at the Kimmel Center.  Krasner, who aligned himself with Black Lives Matter  drew the ire of working class electorate and defeated Beth Grossman  for the job.  Krasner has some radical,

Wanted for throwing a rock at a house window.

Philadelphia Police released a video today. December 22, 2017 of a male wanted for throwing a rock through a house window in South Philadelphia.  No one was hurt in the attack.  The police report lists the person as “unknown”,  but the video shows the male deliberately aiming for and  damaging a house. This means it

Bike rider killed in Bristol hit and run crash

UPDATE DEC 23 2017 Police have taken possession of a Mercedes they believe is the car that struck and killed Kevin Williams.  The owner is not from the area. The vehicle was in a garage in Bristol Twp., police said.  At this point, the investigation is far from over and no arrests have been made

Paid lobbyist trying to fight against minimum wage hike

By Alex Lloyd Gross The Federal Minimum Wage is $7.25 per hour.  It has been frozen at this rate for almost 10 years. When grass roots efforts started to ask for a $15.00 minimum wage, people scoffed at them. “$15.00 to flip burgers and get the order wrong”? That seemed to be a popular sentiment.

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