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August 17, 2017


Idiot takes piss on Synagogue

By Alex Lloyd Gross UPDATED AUG 16 2017 Sheidali Dzhalilov saw himself featured on the mews and turned himself in. The 23 year old resident from the 2100 block of Hoffnagle Street  faces ethnic intimidation charges, institutional vandalism and multiple other offenses. Somewhere, a village is missing it’s idiot and you can help get him

Shooting at Target store in Northeast Philadelphia

By Alex Lloyd Gross It was bedlam for about an hour as panicked cops raced to the scene of the Target  store on the 7400 block of Bustleton Avenue August 11, 2017 about 3:30 PM.. There was a report of a shooting and multiple people were calling. When it was all said and one,  there

Robbery caught on camera again

By Alex Lloyd Gross When two males walked in to a Chinese take out store on the 4500 block of North Broad Street August 10, 2017 just after 12:30 AM, they were not looking for food. They were looking to steal money and that is what they did. As a 62 year old male was

Gunman chased from Philly to Bensalem

By Alex Lloyd Gross When an 8th District Officer on routine patrol saw a man with an AR 15 after hearing gunshots on Townsend Road,  she tried to find out why he was carrying it and why shots were fired from it.. The male was not much for talking and jumped into a pick up

New Animal Cruelty law on books

By Alex Lloyd Gross By the end of this month, Pennsylvania law makes it a felony to leave an animal tethered outside for an unreasonable amount of time. Dogs that are chained outside tend to turn territorial and will turn aggressive. That’s never a good thing.  Animals that are outside should be able to walk

Car thieves wanted by cops in Bensalem

By Alex Lloyd Gross Many people have taken their lives into their hands when they try to break into cars to steal things that do not belong to them.  Often times the owner comes out and is enraged and hurts the thief. Often times the owner will use a weapon to hurt or subdue the

Man charged in domestic highway assault

By Alex Lloyd Gross Police in Falls Township Bucks County have charged Andrew Ryan, 31, of Warminster with aggravated assault, DUI and related charges.  This stems from the incident yesterday on Lincoln Highway. Ryan had thrown a female out of his pick up truck and kept going.   Police said that the victim was Robin, his

Woman thrown out of pick up truck in Levittown

By Alex Lloyd Gross An argument in a pick up truck culminated when the male driver pushed his female passenger out of the truck through the passenger door.  The incident happened just after 5:45PM  July 24, 2017, Falls Twp. Lt. Hank Ward told Delaware Valley News.com . “She is in very serious condition and it

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