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January 21, 2018


City trashman to be arrested for package theft

By Alex Lloyd Gross Being a trash man in the city is not a glamorous job but it does pay well. That did not stop one worker from snatching a package from the steps in Kensignton . Along the 2200 block of East Oakdale Street,  a city crew was taking recyclables away when one worker

All fireworks now legal in PA

By Alex Lloyd Gross Effective immediately, all consumer grade fireworks are legal to be purchased and used in Pennsylvania.  Just in time for New Years Eve 2017. This was signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf. It also ends the decade old insanity of not allowing Pennsylvania residents to purchase fireworks inside stores that are

Fugitive arrested in Trevose hit and run death

By Alex Lloyd Gross When James Howell struck two pedestrians on Street Road in Trevose November 27 2017, cops say he fled from the scene. Not before pulling Jessica Kurtz to the side of the road and possibly causing more injuries to her. As he took off, he was hoping to get away. After all,

Vodka truck turns over on expressway

By Alex Lloyd Gross A tractor trailer, hauling cases of Titos Vodka turned over on the Woodhaven Road ramp to southbound Interstate 95 today, December 7, 2017 . The truck driver was able to get out without help but fire crews were called because of initial reports were that he was trapped.  There were broken

City to pay two photographers $250,000 in civil rights case

By Alex Lloyd Gross When Charles Ramsey was Philadelphia Police Commissioner, he instituted a policy that officers were not to bother, obstruct, obfuscate , harass or stop photography of police officers.  In addition to that, the action of photographing police scenes  was protected by the United States Constitution.  With all of that in place, two

Three teenagers charged in murder of Northeast man

By Alex Lloyd Gross Three teenage males  screwed up the rest of their lives, police said, when they beat and killed  Kevin Cullen, 57  from the 2600 block of Southampton Road. The three are alleged to have beat him on the 4200 block of Loring Street and stole his belongings.  The man was left on

Driver wanted for hitting pedestrians in lower Bucks County

By Alex Lloyd Gross Police in Lower Southampton are looking for the driver of a tan or grey pick up truck struck two pedestrians on Street Road in Lower Southampton Township, Bucks County.  The crash happened at 8:15 PM. Witnesses reported a black male hit two pedestrians in between Philmont Ave and Trevose Roads while

Two shot to death on Interstate 95

      By  Alex Lloyd Gross                                                                UPDATED 11/262017 6:30 AM Two people, a male and female were shot to death on the entry to Interstate 95 from the Park and Ride, in Bensalem  Bucks County.  This is being called a murder suicide . The incident is being investigated by the Pennsylvania State Police.  Authorities

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