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August 17, 2017


New Philadelphia District Attorney sworn in today

By Alex Lloyd Gross Today, July 24 ,2017, Kelley B. Hodge was sworn in at the 25th District Attorney for the city of Philadelphia.  There was a ceremony inside courtroom 253, as friends and family of Hodge gathered to watch the occasion. There were three speakers. Attorney Christine Wechler Rayer. who called Hodge a friend

Thousands attend memorial service for DiNardo’s victims

By Alex Lloyd Gross As the region tries to make sense from a senseless crime, a vigil or remembrance ceremony was held in honor of the four young men that were killed  by Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Kratz.  The irony is that while four people died, there are many more victims. Family members, friends, co

Two males charged in Bucks murder. Questions remain

By Alex Lloyd Gross Cosmo DiNardo could feel the pressure build. He knew  that cops would be charging him with four murders anyday, in connection with four missing males from Bucks County.   He did the crime and  attorneys threw a hail Mary to save his life and his family a ton of money in lawyer

Federal court overturns police camera ruling

By Alex Lloyd Gross It has always been legal to film the police.. Unfortunately, in 2016 a Federal Judge erred in a huge way, when he upheld the conviction of two different people arrested for filming police activity. Justice Mark A. Kearney apparently was not paying attention when his law school taught Constitutional Law ,

Four males missing from area. Where are they?

By Alex Lloyd Gross Cops and the FBI are trying to find out what happened to four males who dissapeared from various towns in Bucks Count last week.  Tom Meo, of Plumstead,  Mark Sturgis from Pennsburg, Dean Finocchiro from Langhorne and  Jimi Tarr Patrick, of Newtown  have not been seen since and cops believe the

Suspect arrested in road rage killing

By Alex Lloyd Gross No one can  fully comprehend what went through David Desper’s mind  when he got into a cat and mouse game with Bianca Roberson last week and he shot her from his moving pick up truck.  Perhaps, with the wall to wall coverage about this incident on the news, Desper , 28,

Clues mount up in road rage murder in Chester

By Alex Lloyd Gross UPDATED SUNDAY JULY 2 2017  Police have recovered a pick up truck they believe is the one pictured.  They are questioning the owner. No charges as of yet. Police in Chester  County are working around the clock to find the male responsible for the murder of Bianca Nicol Roberson which stemmed

Seth Williams pleads guilty: District Attorney jailed

By Alex Lloyd Gross When Seth Williams was indicted, he assured everyone that he was innocent and the charges against him were wrong. In the middle of his trial, Williams accepted a plea deal that would require him to plead guilty to one count of The Travel Act. While Williams thought that he would be

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