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Philly Police Officer Charged with 15 Counts of Robbery

by Alex Lloyd Gross A Philadelphia Police Officer, Luis Miranda has been arrested for his role in a robbery  that happened at a business on the 4200 block of Rising Sun Ave. An investigation initiated by the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) and referred to the District Attorney’s Office (DAO) Special Investigations Unit, which worked in

$5000 Reward For 7-Eleven Arsonist

by Alex Lloyd Gross During the riots and looting on May 31 2020, many people came out to steal and do mayhem.  They forgot or did not care that many places have elaborate security cameras around and those cameras see everything.   Take the 7-Eleven shop in Olney. The store, located  at 150 E. Champlost Street

Watch As Arson Suspect Sets Himself on Fire

by Alex Lloyd Gross Philadelphia  authorities want to hear from you if you can recognize the male depicted in the video with this article.  He tried to set some bushes on fire  outside a house on the 11000 block of Knights Road.  He pours a flammable liquid ( possibly gasoline) on  the bushes in a

Attorney General Ups the Charges For Frankford Man After 30 Dynamite Sticks Found

HARRISBURG―Attorney General Josh Shapiro today announced that Talib Crump, 26, of Philadelphia, is being charged after a search warrant at the defendant’s home lead agents to 30 additional sticks of M-1000 homemade dynamite. The defendant claimed to use dynamite to blow up a Philadelphia ATM. He is being charged with an additional 30 counts of weapons of mass destruction,

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