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August 20, 2018


Woman dead after domestic homicide in Bensalem

By Alex Lloyd Gross A male and female left together in a car from an apartment complex in Bensalem. They had an argument inside the vehicle as the female driver  pulled up onto the curb on the 3100 block of Hulmeville Road. The male passenger stabbed her and ran away from the scene.  This happened

Zerns is closing, better get there NOW

By Alex Lloyd Gross Zerns is a farmers market. In it’s heyday, it was a hopping place  to go. Located in Gilbertsville Pa,  it was a short trip by bus for kids attending summer camps nearby. Located on Route 73 near Route 100, it’s still in operation. Still open. But those days are numbered. The

Mad bomber arrested in Bucks County

By Alex Lloyd Gross State Police have arrested David Surman, from Milford Twp. and charged him with having explosive devices. He has not been charged with setting any of them off.  Recently, there have been multiple reports of  home made bombs being discovered in the upper Bucks County area.  police feel confident that Surman was

Women arrested for lighting firecracker in Philly ATM

By Alex Lloyd Gross One woman, Tinekah Hogan,of the 3400 block of Emerald Street was arrested after she used a large firecracker to damage an ATM on June 20, 2018. This machine was located outside of a store on the 1800 block of Allegheny Ave.  Police said that she was in the store and had

Facebook response gives tacit approval to criminal activity

By Alex Lloyd Gross WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT APPEARS BELOW.SOME READERS MAY FIND DISTURBING   Facebook is a social media platform where people can post videos and opinions on a variety of topics. From politics to family  outings.  There stories appear in your news feed whether you like it or not. One story, or video that

Accused drug dealer busted in Bensalem motel

By Alex Lloyd Gross Sharp police work led the the arrested of an alleged heroin dealer yesterday, June 19, 2018  In Bensalem. Police said they made contact with Drew Wilson, at a motel along Route 1, in the township.  That area is known for being transient.  Upon a search of  him and his property, cops

Gay Pride marcher arrested for setting flag on fire

By Alex Lloyd Gross An 18 year old New Jersey female was arrested for trying to set an American Flag on fire Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 12th and Locust Streets in Philadelphia. At that time, there was a demonstration and a march.  For whatever reason, the pink haired female tried to set an American

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