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June 28, 2017


Philly cop arrested after he punched wife in head and more

By Alex Lloyd Gross Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross announced the arrested and firing of 10 year veteran officer Antonio Mayhew.   “It’s one of the most irresponsible things I’ve every heard of”, Ross said. Mayhew is accused of leaving  his patrol assignment in South Philadelphia and driving to  the 5200 block of Market Street.

Philly cop arrested for fatal pedestrian crash

By Alex Lloyd Gross UPDATED Philadelphia Police announced today, April 26,2017,they have arrested one of their own, after an investigation showed he is alleged to have driven reckless on the 1600 block of Cottman Avenue on January 31, 2017.  As he was traveling east on Cottman Ave,  police said that Emmanuel Folly struck and killed

Philly Police raid pot party

By Alex Lloyd Gross A huge warehouse in the Frankford section of the city, located on the 4500 block of Worth Street was turned into a marijuana smoking party,  which was organized via social media.  This group, which charges $50.00 admission and has been holding these parties for several years.  The one held April 22,

Fatal accident in Levittown

By Alex Lloyd Gross A brutal, two car accident at Route 13 and Haines Road claimed the life of a young man  and seriously injured another.  The crash took place at the intersection and cops were conducting an investigation to determine what happened. A witness  who did not want to give his name claimed to

Montco dad jailed for abusing family with dog collar

By Alex Lloyd Gross Joseph Myhre from Lower Providence Twp. PA. had his own brand of discipline for his two children and his wife. He would shock them with an electric dog collar , sometimes multiple times, or put needles under their fingernails until they were bleeding.  This was done when family members were asked

Philly cop arrested for animal abuse

By Alex Lloyd Gross The only saving grace to this  story is that the dog in question lived and is fine. Philadelphia Police Officer Michael Long, 33, of the 8200 block of Michner Street is under arrest and is being charged with two counts of Animal Cruelty, and related charges. Human police said that Long

Philadelphia District Attorney indicted

By Alex Lloyd Gross Seth Williams, the Philadelphia District Attorney was indicted today, March 22, 2017 by Federal Authorities. He is alleged to have used his office to go easy on criminals, and help friends breeze past Airport Security when they return from trips in exchange for money or other  gifts..  He is also accused

Fake traffic tickets issued in Chester County

By Alex Lloyd Gross No one likes to get a traffic ticket. That being said, there is a scam going around in the Delaware Valley that involves fake tickets. People like those tickets even less, including the police.   According to cops, someone  was taking photographs of vehicles that were legally parked at private residences

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