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Trump Not Guilty. Senators Vote Along Party Lines

by Alex Lloyd Gross President Donald Trump gets to at least finish out his term as president of the United States. He was acquitted of all wrongdoing in both articles of impeachment. The vote was pretty much along party lines as all democrats voted to convict and all republicans voted to acquit, with Mitt Romney

Tina Davis Wants To Keep Being Your State Rep

By Alex Lloyd Gross Tina Davis is the incumbent for the 141st Legislative District in Pennsylvania and she is running again.  “There is so much work left to be done, people in my district are hurting, wages have not gone up but prices have,” she said in an interview. “I hope we( democrats) can take

Governor Wolf Takes Off Gloves For Minimum Wage Fight

By Alex Lloyd Gross In 2019 Pennsylvania Governor thought he brokered a deal with republicans to give hourly wage workers a small bump in their paychecks.  The Senate passed the bill and the state was on it’s way to raising the state minimum wage to $9.50 over the next two years.  The problem is that

Republican Committee Levels Accusations At Congressional Candidate

By Alex Lloyd Gross The Bucks County Republican Committee has denounced Andrew Meehan, who is a candidate running to unseat Brian Fitzpatrick from his seat on Capitol Hill representing the 1st Congressional District. The problem stems from what the committee is calling “discriminatory” statements made on Meehan’s social media account in the past. One, where

Republican Party Of PA Remembers Mike Fitzpatrick

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania offers its heartfelt condolences to the family of Former Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Kathleen, their six children, his brother Brian, and greater Bucks County Community. “Congressman Fitzpatrick was both a loyal friend, valued law partner, and a trusted political adviser,” stated RPP Chairman

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