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Parx Casino Opens But It Looks Different

by Alex Lloyd Gross Parx casino is open. But it is a different scene than in February. The first thing you will notice is a  canopy and markers for social distancing. You cannot just walk in . Assume that you get there and it is not busy, you will wait until called.  An employee will

AG Catches Pharmacy Supplier Price Gouging Hand Sanitizer

by Alex Lloyd Gross Do you think you paid more for hand sanitizer, or face masks?  The Pa Attorney General would like to hear from you.  While the cost to make sanitizer has gone up and so has the price.  Many in the Philadelphia region, including Mayfair, Parkwood,  Abington and  Mayfair  may have paid more

PARX Hosts the ONLY Live High School Graduation In Region

by Alex Lloyd Gross It  It pays to have a state of the art casino in your town.  PARX is in Bensalem. Parx is also closed due to the coronavirus.  A large graduating class of Bensalem High School students have friends and family that want to see them graduate.  Sitting in the football stadium is

State Rep. Tina Davis District Office Now Reopened

by Alex Lloyd Gross As Pennsylvania goes into the yellow phase,  people are starting  to reopen businesses and offices in the area.  Constituents still need the services of their elected officials. For much of the spring most people who worked in district offices  worked remotely.  On an as needed basis, for true emergencies,  there may

As PA House Republicans Get COVID-19 Democrats Allege Conspiracy

by Alex Lloyd Gross Three republican lawmakers in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives have been exposed to the coronavirus and are now or have been on a self quarantine for 14 days.  Andrew Lewis ( Dauphin) has tested positive, reports said.  Rep Russ Diamond and Frank Ryan, from Lebanon County have been exposed but do

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