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Thousands Could Get Electric Service Shut Off

by Alex Lloyd Gross As COVID-19 relief  valves come to a close, many people who pay rent will find themselves ready to deal with a landlord that wants their money.  The moratorium on evictions ends today, September 1 2020.  Courts all around the region are bracing for landlords to walk in and file papers.  Businesses

Protest Outside Lower Bucks Hospital Over Mental Health Unit

by Alex Lloyd Gross Romy Ulysse is not happy. Her brother  Dudley Ulysse wound up in the mental health ward of Lower Bucks Hospital, which is where he belonged. He was not treated, he allegedly caught COVID-19 while in the facility and he was arrested for serious felony charges.  That is what brought  Romy and

Arrests Made In Sesame Place Mask Assault

by Alex Lloyd Gross Troy McCoy and Shakerra Bonds have been arrested by US Marshals  in connection with the assault of a 17 year old  worker at Sesame Place.  The two were asked to wear a mask correctly by the worker and punched him in the face. You can read the original story here. The

Parents Protest To Open Bensalem Schools

by Alex Lloyd Gross A small but vocal group of parents who have children in the Bensalem School District met for a protest at the  Bensalem School Administration Building on Donallen Drive. They want an option to have the schools open, at least part of the time. “This does not work for a lot of

School Sports In Philadelphia Cancelled Until 2021

by Alex Lloyd Gross Due to the threat of COVID-19  all school athletics are cancelled . This includes football, and basketball.  Many player are up set, as they have been practicing with the team in advance of the season. Practice for football usually starts in August.   There was talk that games would be allowed but

Red Paw To Cease Operations October 1 2020

By Alex Lloyd Gross Red Paw. The organization that is called a Godsend will no longer be operational at of Oct 1 2020. According to Laurie Albright, the Chief Operations Officer for the organization,  “It’s not that we want to do this,there is no other way. we are stretched thin with responders”, she said. The

Some Nursing Homes Keeping Residents $1200 Stimulus Checks

by Alex Lloyd Gross Call it greed or call it an accounting error,  some nursing facilities across the state have been caught pocketing their residents stimulus money. PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro has said this practice is wrong. “They cannot do that,” he said. When a family member goes into a nursing home, some homes

PA Essential Workers Get $3/hr Pay Raise : Sort Of

by Alex Lloyd Gross Workers who are essential, have put themselves in harm way during the COVID-19 pandemic and most of the time, their employers have reaped the benefits with nothing more than a “Thank You” . As is the case with business, a store making billions is not going to pay front line workers

Open Sesame, Sesame Place To Open July 24 2020

by Alex Lloyd Gross One of the most popular attractions in the region is going to re open on July 24, 2020. Sesame Place.  It’s going to look a bit different and hours of operation may change as well. All guest two and older must wear a mask unless you are in a water park

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