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April 22, 2018


Several injured in chemical leak at local high school

By Alex Lloyd Gross By all accounts, the chemical leak at Pennsbury High School could have been a lot worse than it was, yesterday June 6 2017.  Officials said that a class had just finished in the pool area when two chemicals that were mixed together caused a vapor -gas like cloud  to form.  before

City honors Centenarians

By Alex Lloyd Gross There were hundreds of stories waiting to be told  at the Sugar House Casino today, May 18, 2017. The city of Philadelphia held a luncheon for people who have lived to be at least 100 years old, or who will celebrate their 100th birthday this year.   During the event,  the seniors

One injured at Bensalem school chemical accident

By Alex Lloyd Gross One science teacher sustained a minor injury from a chemical mishap in a science class yesterday, May  9 2017  At Bensalem High School. A very small bottle of formaldehyde broke and some of the chemical spilled in the classroom. The teacher drove himself to a local hospital for precautionary  reasons only,

City tries to tout Berkeley “Soda Tax”

By Alex Lloyd Gross Yesterday, April 18, 2017,  Philadelphia city officials were quick to bring out a public study about the “sweetened beverage tax” in Berkeley California. The study,   by the Public Health Institute and the University of North Carolina were quick to find that this tax had health benefits, that sales of soda fell

Police seek identify of missing elderly woman

The Bensalem Township Police Department is attempting to identify an elderly woman who suffers from dementia.  At approximately 5:20 a.m. this morning, the unidentified woman got on the #14 Septa bus at the Frankford Terminal in Philadelphia.  The bus traveled to the Neshaminy Mall and the woman did not exit the bus.  She requested the

Local radio stations hold Be Beautiful Expo

By Alex Lloyd Gross Three local radio stations, that have the same ownership came together yesterday,  March 25 2017 to host  the 2017 Be Beautiful Expo at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The event was a ticketed event but otherwise open to the public.  And  the public showed up in force. With lines down the hall

Did the city really make $5.7 million in Beverage Tax?

By Alex Lloyd Gross Yesterday,  February 23, 2017  the City of Philadelphia announced that they took in $5.7  million in the month of January . That was the inception of this tax.  Proponents of this tax claim the money will fund Pre-K . The city hopes to make up to 91 Million dollars in 2017

$500,000 Given to city to support soda tax

By Alex Lloyd Gross The Beverage Tax is proving itself to be very unpopular among people who now realize how much their soft drinks will cost in the city.  Even though a Federal Judge has dismissed the claim by the American Beverage Association , there is an appeal and this could wind up costing the

Soda is flying off the shelves outside the city

By Alex Lloyd Gross Suburban stores in the Philadelphia area have watched soda and other beverages that are taxable inside the city, fly off the shelves. In fact, some stores have limits set on how much soda can be bought.  In stark contrast, the soda aisle at local markets are empty, except for a few

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