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IRS telephone scam

Bucks County District Attorney’s Phone Number Spoofed In Scam

A Bucks County resident received a phone call today telling him his personal information was being used out of state with the caller ID showing that the call came from the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office. The call did not come from this office and Bucks County Detectives are investigating and warning residents of similar

Threatening Letters Sent To Businesses in Bucks County

By Alex Lloyd Gross Newtown Township. Police and the United States Postal Service are investigating two different letters that were sent to businesses in the township.  Upon opening the correspondence,  it was a letter seeking donations to a cause.  As peope read the lewtter5s, they were alarmed when  they read that harm would come to

Lower Makefield Police Report Multiple Scam Victims

by Alex Lloyd Gross Police desperately need you to read this article and think before sending any money or giving account information to anyone, unless you initiate the call and know 100 percent certain that the person you are speaking with is who they are. Within the past several weeks eight people have reported being

Scammers Try To Steal Money From State Toll Road Users

By Alex Lloyd Gross As a major push to go cashless progresses along Pennsylvania’s toll roads,  another thing that progresses are scams that will try to separate you from your money.  The latest is a text message informing you that you owe money or maybe even a message on social media  telling you that you

Woman Jailed In “Grand Parents” Scam

By Alex Lloyd Gross Yahaira Diaz, 33, of Pottsville, PA. was convicted and jailed for running a scam that targeted elderly people in the area.  According to the United States Attorneys Office, the scam worked like this. an individual called an elderly victim posing as the grandchild of the victim, or posing as an attorney

Lower Makefield Police Look To Curb Fraud Against Elderly

By Alex Lloyd Gross Looking over the  various police blotters there has been a trend of people in the Lower Makefield area who have been victimized by scam artists out of tens of thousands of dollars. “There are several versions of this scam,  from the Internal Revenue Service  calling to get a delinquent tax bill

IRS phone scam targets area residents

  By Alex Lloyd Gross A telephone scam is starting up again and looks to be prevalent in the Philly area. A man with a heavy Indian accent calls and tells you he is an IRS agent and you are in big trouble unless you pay and pay now.  At times, they will leave a