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IRS telephone scam

Woman Jailed In “Grand Parents” Scam

By Alex Lloyd Gross Yahaira Diaz, 33, of Pottsville, PA. was convicted and jailed for running a scam that targeted elderly people in the area.  According to the United States Attorneys Office, the scam worked like this. an individual called an elderly victim posing as the grandchild of the victim, or posing as an attorney

Lower Makefield Police Look To Curb Fraud Against Elderly

By Alex Lloyd Gross Looking over the  various police blotters there has been a trend of people in the Lower Makefield area who have been victimized by scam artists out of tens of thousands of dollars. “There are several versions of this scam,  from the Internal Revenue Service  calling to get a delinquent tax bill

IRS phone scam targets area residents

  By Alex Lloyd Gross A telephone scam is starting up again and looks to be prevalent in the Philly area. A man with a heavy Indian accent calls and tells you he is an IRS agent and you are in big trouble unless you pay and pay now.  At times, they will leave a