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Philadelphia Mills Mall Now Open

by Alex Lloyd Gross After several months of being closed, the Philadelphia Mills Mall ( formerly Franklin Mills) is open for business.  Just after 12 noon on July 3 2020, the mall was busy but not as busy as usual. First, they are limiting capacity. Second, people are  not comfortable going out yet. There is

Parx Casino Opens But It Looks Different

by Alex Lloyd Gross Parx casino is open. But it is a different scene than in February. The first thing you will notice is a  canopy and markers for social distancing. You cannot just walk in . Assume that you get there and it is not busy, you will wait until called.  An employee will

Watch Unmasked Arsonist Set Store On Fire During Riots

by Alex Lloyd Gross On the night of May 30, 2020, many people were arrested for looting and rioting in Philadelphia. Police want to add this male to that list. Maybe you can help.  It is one thing to break into a store and steal merchandise.  This male did that but also set the store

FBI Offers $10,000 Reward In Bensalem Robbery/Shooting

by Alex Lloyd Gross March 20 2020,  Two black males tried to rob the First Stop Cigarette and Cigar Shop on 919 Bristol Pike.  One male armed with a pistol entered the store, as his accomplice stood lookout.  This was during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and the governor was starting to mandate what

PA Senator Against Round Two Of Stimulus Payments

  by Alex Lloyd Gross In March, congress and the senate were in agreement to help Americans who were impacted by COVID-19. A stimulus payment was approved and it was much needed help to tens of millions of Americans.  They  got $1200.00.  It helped pay bills and it helped put food on the table. Many

Bristol Flea Market Back In Business

by Alex Lloyd Gross Starting today, Friday June 12 2020, the Bristol Flea Market located at rt 13 and Veterans Highway is back.  Sort of.  It is going to be held out doors and the store will be locked and not accessible.   Due to tremendous popularity, space is going to be limited. Many of

State Rep. Tina Davis District Office Now Reopened

by Alex Lloyd Gross As Pennsylvania goes into the yellow phase,  people are starting  to reopen businesses and offices in the area.  Constituents still need the services of their elected officials. For much of the spring most people who worked in district offices  worked remotely.  On an as needed basis, for true emergencies,  there may

Free Coronavirus Cleaning for Businesses

PHILADELPHIA (June 4, 2020) – As the Delaware Valley begins to re-open its doors, prominent disaster recovery company NATIONAL RESTORATION elevates its status as a regional leader in helping flatten the curve in the spread of COVID-19 by offering FREE coronavirus to 30 tri-state restaurants, day care centers and houses of worship through the month

Independent Pharmacy Looters Wanted by Philly Police

Police are looking for information that will help them identify the looters and thieves that broke into the Care Trust Pharmacy, on the 2500 block of East Allegeney Ave.  These looters did steal money and drugs.  Some of them may have cuts on their hands and knees from crawling the  the glass that was smashed.

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