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Two Republicans Propose $10.00 Minimum Wage Increase

by Alex Lloyd Gross For over a decade, republican lawmakers refused to even talk about raising the Federal Minimum Wage. It has stagnated at $7.25/hr.  Today, Senators Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton , have released their plan to raise the wage to $10.00 eventually.  Opponents say this bill does nothing to help people, rather it

Fake Lottery Ticket Cashed in In Bristol Boro

by Alex Lloyd Gross Bristol Borough Police said the employees of the Bath Street Market were scammed out of $448.00 when someone presented a “winning” lottery ticket and the store paid it.  Upon reconciliation with their books, it turns out that the ticket was a fake.  Police thought they had a photo of the culprits

Woman Steals Charity Boxes From WAWA In Bucks County

by Alex Lloyd Gross Police in the upper end of Bucks County want to know who the woman is that is in the photo.  She entered the WAWA store in Richlandtown , on West End Blvd. on January 15, 2021. She stayed in the store for about 18 minutes which is longer than most customers

Push To Raise Federal Minimum Wage Included In Covid Relief Bill

by Alex Lloyd Gross Congress is always pushing addendums to bills they want passed. Be it money for public  television or even pay increases for themselves. The last coronavirus relief bill gave billions to businesses, organizations and the American people got shafted  with a paltry $600.00 stimulus check.  Even President Donald Trump  was outraged and

Bensalem Robbers Use Sledge Hammer To Steal from Gas Station

by Alex Lloyd Gross They say most criminals are not bright, and this pair of thieves proved that statement true. They robbed the Sunoco station on the 2700 block of Lincoln Highway in Bensalem. They were caught on video, smashing the rear of a “Skill Machine”. They used a sledge hammer, and you can see

Atty. General Gets Ticket Patrons Money Back For Canceled Events

by Alex Lloyd Gross Prior to the pandemic, people were buying tickets to events in the Philadelphia area via Event Ticket Sales LLC and its managing member, Guinio W. Volpone, started after consumers complained they were being charged fees through the business’s alias, Secure Box Office at secureboxoffice.com (formerly Box Office Tickets at box-officetickets.com), that

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