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“Second Sighting” of the Comet in Sellersville Pa.

By Alex Lloyd Gross When Ace Frehley left KISS in the 1980’s, he formed his own band, called Frehley’s Comet.  As time went on,  members of that band changed, and after a while, Frehley just toured under his own name, sans The  Comet. The musicians that made up this band were not rookies by any

LA Guns take over Sellersville Theater

By  Alex Lloyd Gross Monday night, April 8, 2019, “  The Fabulous LA Guns played a show for just under 90 minutes in Sellersville and they proved it was Never Enough. Fans of the band will appreciate the opening lead to this story. From start to finish, this band was on fire. As the band

Ozzy Osbourne tour postponed until 2020

By Alex Lloyd Gross Ozzy, the lead singer for Black Sabbath and rock legend has had to postpone his 2019 tour which includes all North American dates. He was scheduled to appear in Hershey Park Stadium in June. That show will happen but next year. Fans are urged to hold onto their tickets. The new

Phil Lewis brings LA Guns to Sellersville

By Alex Lloyd Gross LA Guns have always been more than a  sleaze, rock band fromthe1980’s. Back when they opened tours for the likes of AC/DC, they were able to keep people on their feet and get called back for an encore.They were called upon to open for festivals and such.  Now they are over

Problems hinder Bam Margera and Yelawolf event in Croydon

By Alex Lloyd Gross Bam Margera, the crazy personality that made a name for himself with MTV by doing dumb stupid stuff, for the show Jackass. He also did skateboarding videos where he released his own videos under the CKY moniker. (That stands for Camp Kill Yourself) . Needless to say, the Chester County resident

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