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Bucks County Nursing Home Evacuated

By Alex Lloyd Gross Resident of the Crestview Center Nursing Home in Langhorne , Bucks County Pa. are being evacuated by first responders. The facility, on Toll Gate Road  is near Core Creek Park.  The reason for the emergency evacuation is the sudden loss of power due to the storm,  Residents inside are elderly and

House Votes To Raise Minimum Wage to $15.00/hr

By Alex Lloyd Gross The federal government did what the Pennsylvania house and senate will not do. They called for a vote on the minimum wage and it passed. It passed along party lines, which was to be expected, however, locally, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-1) voted in favor of the bill. This is something he

Bristol Woman Jailed in Fatal DUI Crash

By Alex Lloyd Gross On July 23, 2019 Karen Baxter was driving her vehicle while in a careless and reckless manor as she exited the Irish Rover Pub. According to police, she was so intoxicated that staff refused to serve her anymore and physically had tried to stop her from driving. She almost hit an

Rand Paul blocks 9/11 Victims Bill, Screws Over First Responders

By Alex Lloyd Gross The House of Representatives unanimously voted to keep funding for 9/11 victims.  They kept playing  with the vote until they were shamed by the media and celebrities. Then they voted and according to most Americans, they did the right thing. It took a republican senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, to kill

New Jersey Police Officer Charged With Killing His Daughter

By Alex Lloyd Gross Daniel Bannister, a Ewing New Jersey Police Officer was arrested outside of a WAWA in connection with the death of his daughter last year. Police said that on December 5 2018 his three month old daughter Hailey Bannister   was hospitalized with trouble breathing. Police and medics were able to quickly

Pat Benatar Tribute Concert Postponed Tonight in Bensalem

By Alex Lloyd Gross Due to the heat advisory and heat index , not to mention pending storms that are possible, the Pat Benatar Tribute concert scheduled for tonight, July 17 2019 in Bensalem has been postponed until  September 4 2019. All passes and tickets will be honored at that time.  

Burglar Leaves Watch Inside House, Returns For It

By Alex Lloyd Gross File this under “Stupid Criminals”. Philadelphia Police need your help to catch him.  on July 14, 2019 the male in the photo above is accused of allegedly breaking into a house on the 4000 block of Mitchell Street. He was spotted on video camera trying  both the front and rear doors.

Breaking: Levittown Fire Fighter charged with Sexual Assault of a Minor and Related Offenses

Digital Reporter-[Jeff Bohen Tullytown Borough Police arrested a local firemen for sex related offenses involving a minor on Monday, according to court records filed. James Marshal was arraigned Monday before District Justice Robert Wagner in Levittown, on charges of sexual assault, involuntary sexual deviate intercourse, corruption of a minor and related offenses. Levitttown Fire Company

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