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August 20, 2018


Tainted batch of drugs hits Philly streets

By Alex Lloyd Gross Drug dealers want your money.  They do not care how they get it, or what you have to do to get it, they want it.  If that means cutting, or diluting  a batch of Heroin with something toxic,  oh well, that’s too bad. It seems that is exactly what happened this

NFL chickens out of National Anthem policy

By Alex Lloyd Gross Roger Goodell was  always called a weak leader by fans and the wrong person for the NFL Commissioners job.  He was weak with discipline for players that abused females, committed felonies and allowed the league to tumble into the abyss when players refused to stand for the National Anthem.  He tolerated

Male brings his family to road rage incident

By Alex Lloyd Gross It’s frustrating when you are driving and  another driver will not let you into a lane.  Maybe hand gestures are done or words are said.  On July 3, 2018, bullets were shot when two motorists got into an argument at Cottman and Roosevelt Boulevard July 3 2018.  The incident could have

Phila soda tax upheld by Supreme Court

By Alex Lloyd Gross Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney is a happy boy. Today July 18, 2018, the State Supreme Court upheld the beverage tax. That’s the money which was supposed to go to help fund Pre-K. Only most of it did not. Most of it was washed into the general fund, where it could be

Robbery suspect sought by cops

By Alex Lloyd Gross Banks have set up shop inside supermarkets for years. It’s for convenience. One such male thought that he would help himself to some cash by robbing the branch. Cameras in supermarket branches are just as good, if not better, than conventional branches.  Add in the fact that the4 store has an

Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan deliver in Camden

By Alex Lloyd Gross It’s no secret that a large portion of the music put out by today’s bands suck. There are a few good bands making good music but nothing compared to the 1970’s through early 1990’s.   That’s why so many people decided to take in a classic rock show across the river in

Woman dead after domestic homicide in Bensalem

By Alex Lloyd Gross A male and female left together in a car from an apartment complex in Bensalem. They had an argument inside the vehicle as the female driver  pulled up onto the curb on the 3100 block of Hulmeville Road. The male passenger stabbed her and ran away from the scene.  This happened

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