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Northampton Township

Contractor Arrested For Fraud In Newtown

by Alex Lloyd Gross Good contractors are difficult to find.   Some nickel and dime you, others take your money and ghost you when it gets time to do the work. Steven Simpson is a contractor that was allegedly playing the  the “get back to you ” game when it came time to do work. This

Male Arrested For Animal Abuse In Northampton Twp.

by Alex Lloyd Gross When people go away on vacation or on a trip-, they  may leave their animals in the care of trusted friends or relatives. That is what happened in January of 2020, when a victim left six Yorkshire Terrier’s in her home, in Northampton Twp.under the care of her niece and her

Old Nuclear Missile Silo Vent Cap Stolen In Bucks County

by Alex Lloyd Gross You do know that areas in Bucks County used to house missile silos,  during the height of the cold war.  These sites existed in Bensalem, Bristol and Northampton Twps. Some were placed to protect the old Willow Grove Naval Air Station. Eventually these sites were decommissioned and the weapons were taken

Bucks County Male Charged With Having Sex With Underage Child

by Alex Lloyd Gross Police in Northampton  Twp, Bucks County Pa have charged Abdul Washington with Unlawful Contact With a minor,  statutory sexual assault ,  open lewdness and related charges . They got a tip that he was having sex with a person under 18.  When that investigation revealed that the offenses did in fact

Three Males Arrested For Counterfeiting In Bucks County

by Alex Lloyd Gross Police in Northampton Twp. arrested three males from Philadelphia who came into Bucks County to pass fake $100 bills. They were arrested April 30 2020 . Police said Lashawn Garnett was with two other males when he went into a hardware store  in the Crossroads Shopping Center  on the 600 block

Fake Cop Questions Homeowners In Bucks County Township

by Alex Lloyd Gross A fake police officer has been caught on video knocking on doors in Warminster Township.  The scary part is that on video, two co conspirators  can be seen . One is crouching behind bushes. Another was observed in the street. Their intent unknown, but possibly to help ambush or sneak into

Lower Makefield Police Report Multiple Scam Victims

by Alex Lloyd Gross Police desperately need you to read this article and think before sending any money or giving account information to anyone, unless you initiate the call and know 100 percent certain that the person you are speaking with is who they are. Within the past several weeks eight people have reported being

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