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South Philly Package Thieves Sought By Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross Police in South Philadelphia are looking for a pair of thieves who stole packages from the lobby of an apartment building on the 600 block of South 9th Street.  The entire theft was caught on video, which you can see below.  A black male, improperly wearing a mask, peers into the

Vehicle and Driver Sought In Fatal Hit and Run

by Alex Lloyd Gross Philadelphia Police are looking for an SUV and it’s driver from a fatal accident involving a pedestrian that happened on November 10 2020 at Summerdale and St. Vincent Streets. it was early in the morning, about 5:50 AM when a Chevy Uplander struck her and fled the scene. The vehicle was

Former City Workers Busted Taking Bribes To Make Taxes Go Away

by Alex Lloyd Gross Three people employed with the city of Philadelphia have lost their jobs and face federal prison time for either accepting or soliciting bribes . They worked in the revenue department. US Attorney William McSwain said that Jarredd McQueen, 50, of Philadelphia, PA, was charged by Information. He was employed as a

Atty. General Gets Ticket Patrons Money Back For Canceled Events

by Alex Lloyd Gross Prior to the pandemic, people were buying tickets to events in the Philadelphia area via Event Ticket Sales LLC and its managing member, Guinio W. Volpone, started after consumers complained they were being charged fees through the business’s alias, Secure Box Office at secureboxoffice.com (formerly Box Office Tickets at box-officetickets.com), that

Over 200 Guns Missing From Philadelphia Sheriff’s Department

by Alex Lloyd Gross What happened to over 200 guns that were entrusted to the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Department?  Rebecca Rhynhart, City Controller would like to know.  Her office conducted an  inventory and an audit of firearms and the results were appalling. According to the report, some guns were stores loaded. Others  were tossed on the

Males Wanted For Looting Of Lawncrest Smoke Shop

by Alex Lloyd Gross Several males are wanted by Philadelphia Police for kicking in the door of the Smokers Zone which located on the 6800 block of Rising Sun Avenue.  This theft happened on October 27, 2020 just after 3;00 AM.   Once two males kicked in the door, several others joined in and ransacked

Philly Is Now LOCK DOWN CITY Until January 1, 2021

by Alex Lloyd Gross Not only does the regressive soda tax kill businesses,  the corona virus is causing more businesses to close than ever could have been imagined.  They closed because of lock downs put into place by governors and mayors, hoping to stop the spread of the virus.  After the first shut down in

Thieves Use Explosives To Rob Pharmacy Safe

by Alex Lloyd Gross Philadelphia Police are looking for suspects that used an explosive to blow open the safe of a pharmacy on the 3100 block of Frankford Ave. They just released still images of the suspects. They are not the sharpest tools in the shed. Take special note of suspect one who uses a

Police Help Now Welcomed In Former “No Cop Zone”

by Alex Lloyd Gross Do you remember the Philadelphia  homeless encampment,  aka the No Cop Zone at 22nd and Ben Franklin Parkway?  This group wanted to make their own rules and live without any police.  In fact, they had signs all around their compound saying police were not welcome.  Their brazen ignorance and lawlessness  

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