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Phila Police Traffic Lieutenant Passes Away From COVID-19

By Alex Lloyd Gross Lt. James Walker, a dedicated public servant with over 30 years with the Philadelphia Police Department died this past weekend, due to complications from COVID-19. He was 59 years old. Lt. Walker worked in the traffic division.  Lieutenant Walker, worked previously in the 16th, 35th, 3rd, 29th, 26th, 25th, and the

PA State Police Issue 123 Warnings To Non Essential Businesses

by Alex Lloyd Gross Since March 23, 2020, Pennsylvania State Police have issued 123 warnings across the state  to businesses that were open in spite of the governor’s order to close . Locally,  those numbers translate to 11 warnings.  There were no citations issued. When troopers came upon a business that was suspected of not

Center City Robber Sought By Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross Another robbery caught on film.  This time it is in center city Philadelphia. Police said that on March 25, 2020,  a male was walking on the 300 block of S 13th St. about 10:50 AM.  In broad daylight,  police said the above male approached him and implied that he had a

City Food Giveaway Started Early Allotments Given Out In Minutes.

by Alex Lloyd Gross It is a wonderful idea to help people that are going through a hardship with the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The city, through Philadebundance, announced locations  to get free food. This was well publicized  and provided a much needed bit of relief to city residents. They would get one box of food per household. 

Multiple Philadelphia COPS and Other City Workers Have COVID-19

by Alex Lloyd Gross Being a police officer is risky.  Being a good officer is dangerous.  Just two weeks ago in Philadelphia, Sgt. James O’Connor was shot and killed serving an arrest warrant.  With COVID-19 every contact you make could impact you.  That speeding car? The driver could be infected.  It does not have to

City Health Commissioner: You Cannot Get COVID-19 from Your Pets

by Alex Lloyd Gross Dr. Thomas Farley, Philadelphia Health Commissioner knows what he is talking about when people ask about COVID-19.  He was asked about people who panic about  the pandemic by thinking their pets can transmit the disease. Don’t laugh. In China,  stupid, ignorant people were doing unthinkable things to their pets. In Australia,

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