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August 20, 2018


Bensalem cops looking for battery thief

By Alex Lloyd Gross Bensalem Police are trying to determine the identity of this male. He was caught on security camera multiple times, taking large,commercial batteries out of trucks.  Anyone that has had to replace a battery in their vehicle knows the cost for a decent battery can be as much as two hundred dollars

Were shots fired at State Trooper in Bensalem?

By Alex Lloyd Gross A Pennsylvania State Trooper was involved in a confrontation with male along the area of Street Road  and Kingston Way in Bensalem. This happened just  after 1:00 PM August 10, 2018 .  The male, was described as a black male  was stopped and fought the trooper behind a nursery with kids

Male killed in Bristol motorcycle accident

By Alex Lloyd Gross One male was killed when a motorcycle he was driving collided with the rear of a tractor trailer on Ford Road and Pearl Buck Road in Bristol Twp.  Bucks County August 4, 2018. The crash happened about 6:30 PM.  Police arrived and found that a tractor trailer was making a turn 

Toddler mauled and killed by dogs in Kensington

By Alex Lloyd Gross A 2 year old toddler was mauled by two Pitbulls inside a residence on the 3000 block of Agate Street  August 1 2018.  The attack happened around 5:00 PM. Police did not say whether the toddler lived in the home or was a guest of the homeowners when the attack happened. 

Driver distractions blamed in two separate crashes

By Alex Lloyd Gross Two different accidents, on two different  days are being blamed on driver distractions.  Yesterday, July 26, 2018 shortly before noon, a driver  who may have been texting  slammed into a parked SUV along the 8200 block of Torresdale Avenue.  His vehicle flipped over, briefly trapping him, but he managed to get

Power out in Bensalem area after traffic crash

By Alex Lloyd Gross A family from Bensalem sustained injuries  after a mini van they were in veered off of Bensalem Boulevard and struck a pole near Yates drive.  The pole was cracked in two and will have to be replaced.  It was partially leaning on the minivan that struck it. The crash happened just

Tainted batch of drugs hits Philly streets

By Alex Lloyd Gross Drug dealers want your money.  They do not care how they get it, or what you have to do to get it, they want it.  If that means cutting, or diluting  a batch of Heroin with something toxic,  oh well, that’s too bad. It seems that is exactly what happened this

Male brings his family to road rage incident

By Alex Lloyd Gross It’s frustrating when you are driving and  another driver will not let you into a lane.  Maybe hand gestures are done or words are said.  On July 3, 2018, bullets were shot when two motorists got into an argument at Cottman and Roosevelt Boulevard July 3 2018.  The incident could have

Robbery suspect sought by cops

By Alex Lloyd Gross Banks have set up shop inside supermarkets for years. It’s for convenience. One such male thought that he would help himself to some cash by robbing the branch. Cameras in supermarket branches are just as good, if not better, than conventional branches.  Add in the fact that the4 store has an

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