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June 28, 2017


Little girl taken by tow truck driver in error

By Alex Lloyd Gross Repo drivers have a tough job. Some get shot at, or assaulted.  They are dealing with people that will try anything to get their car back including running any kind of scam so that they can take the car when it is lowered. When repo driver Carmine Giannone spotted a 2006

Two pedestrians hurt in center city crash

By Alex Lloyd Gross Just before noon, two vehicles traveling west on JFK Boulevard in center city bumped into each other. One of those vehicles was a  minivan  operated  by a female from Northwest Philadelphia . After the minor collision, that minivan veered out of control, jumped a curb and smashed into a newsstand, moving

Multi vehicle crash ties up Roosevelt Boulevard

By Alex Lloyd Gross Philadelphia Police are trying to  determine who ran a red traffic signal yesterday, June 12, 2017 and caused a three car crash. The incident happened on the Roosevelt Blvd. at Deveraux Ave. in the Oxford Circle section of the northeast.  The incident happened just after 11:30 AM, in the northbound lanes. 

Juveniles hit man for sport, wind up arrested for other assault

By  Alex Lloyd Gross Several juvenile delinquents were rounded up by Philly cops after they filmed themselves punching a special needs man in Northwest Philadelphia. As if that was not bad enough, the incident was filmed and uploaded to Facebook.  The man did nothing to instigate the attack. The region was outraged  after the video

Additional video released in shooting of toddler

By Alex Lloyd Gross Philadelphia Police just found some additional video of two males they suspect are responsible for the shooting of a 25 year old male and his 1 year old son, as they were on the porch of their house May 17, 2017. These two males were riding bicycles. It is unknown if

Bear caught in Feasterville , Bucks County

By Alex Lloyd Gross There have been multiple sightings of bears in the region. One, today June 5 2017 off of County Line Rd in Feasterville, Pa.  Residents observed the bear near a swim club that was closed,  and watched as it scampered into a tree. bears really do not like people, they are scared

Philadelphia City Councilman stabbed in robbery attempt

By Alex Lloyd Gross Philadelphia Police are searching for the man who stabbed Philadelphia Councilman -At Large David Oh, during a robbery attempt last night, May 31, 2017. Oh is going to be okay, he was alert and talking with investigators minutes after the incident.  According to cops, Oh was removing bags from the trunk

Bensalem cops look for armed robbers

By Alex Lloyd Gross Bensalem cops are looking to identify two robbers caught on video. The thieves entered the cashier area of the Super Pump gas station and car wash on Lincoln Highway.  As usual, the thieves forgot that a gas station will have security cameras that will record their every move. You can see

Cops still looking for hit and run vehicle

By Alex Lloyd Gross It’s been over 24 hours since a speeding Nissan Quest ( mini van) hit and killed  50 year old Donna Anderson of Bristol Pa.  The driver knew hit hit someone, this is not a glancing blow. This impact, a direct hit , caused the bumper and headlight to fall onto the

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