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Bensalem Police: Scam Calls are Spiking

Digital Reporter – Jeff Bohen Bensalem Township Police are warning residents about a recent spike in scam related phone calls Thursday morning. According to a release callers are targeting residents by saying they are from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or US Immigration Agents (ICE), also having the additional ability to “Spoof” the phone number

Bristol Woman Jailed in Fatal DUI Crash

By Alex Lloyd Gross On July 23, 2019 Karen Baxter was driving her vehicle while in a careless and reckless manor as she exited the Irish Rover Pub. According to police, she was so intoxicated that staff refused to serve her anymore and physically had tried to stop her from driving. She almost hit an

New Jersey Police Officer Charged With Killing His Daughter

By Alex Lloyd Gross Daniel Bannister, a Ewing New Jersey Police Officer was arrested outside of a WAWA in connection with the death of his daughter last year. Police said that on December 5 2018 his three month old daughter Hailey Bannister   was hospitalized with trouble breathing. Police and medics were able to quickly

Burglar Leaves Watch Inside House, Returns For It

By Alex Lloyd Gross File this under “Stupid Criminals”. Philadelphia Police need your help to catch him.  on July 14, 2019 the male in the photo above is accused of allegedly breaking into a house on the 4000 block of Mitchell Street. He was spotted on video camera trying  both the front and rear doors.

Update: Arrested Morrisville Officer has been on Paid Leave Since April, Staffing Now a Concern for Department

Digital Reporter- Jeff Bohen   The Morrisville Police officer arrested Thursday for his felonious and unlawful use of departmental computer’s and related offenses has been on paid administrative leave since April, an official confirmed Friday. Morrisville Police Chief George McClay said Friday, Michael Pitcher has been on paid administrative leave since he became aware of

Flatbed Truck Flips at Exit Ramp of Interstate 95

By Alex Lloyd Gross A flatbed truck flipped onto it’s side yesterday afternoon, July 12, 2019. The driver was traveling south when he exited at Cottman Ave.  He told police that he was cut off by cars, and he swerved. That sudden movement, caused the truck to overturn.  There were no other vehicle involved and

Persons of Interest Wanted by Police For ATM Skimming

By Alex Lloyd Gross A skimmer is a device installed into a digital portal that reads your information for credit and debit  transactions. They are installed in a legit card reader  and a nefarious individual can return later and retrieve all of the information and use it  to steal peoples identity and open fraudulent accounts. 

Just In: Falls Police Investigating Serious New Falls Road Accident

Digital Reporter – Jeff Bohen Falls Township Police minutes ago released a statement about Wednesday night’s traffic accident in Fairless Hills.  “The traffic accident involving a motorcycle and a pedestrian. Initial reports indicate the pedestrian was traveling on a bicycle westbound on the 8500 block of New Falls Road using the right hand shoulder. As

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