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Help Identify These Stupid Criminals In Central Bucks County

by Alex Lloyd Gross Any criminal is stupid. However, the individuals pictured in the below video are beyond stupid.  Thi9s incident happened in Doylestown when two of the males in the video are alleged to have burglarized an apartment on West Court Street October 1 2020. They gained entry by removing a window air conditioner

Burglar Breaks Into Store, Steals Dish Soap In Olney

by Alex Lloyd Gross It is a fact that when thieves steal things, they are not always used by the people stealing the items. Especially in commercial burglaries. People will try to sell their ill gotten wares in the street. Flea markets and  off brand independent stores are good for this kind of activity.   Police

Former Philly Cop Arrested For Murder of Unarmed Black Male

by Alex Lloyd Gross The 30th presiding Philadelphia Grand Jury recommended charges of Murder of the First Degree, Murder of the Third Degree, Voluntary Manslaughter, and Possession of an Instrument of Crime. against Eric Ruch, stemming from a shooting that happened on December of 2017. According to the presentment, the sequence of events leading up

Bucks County Teacher Pleads Guilty To Taking Photos of Students

By Alex Lloyd Gross Francis James Reppert,  submitted a guilty plea to charges of indecent exposure and invasion of privacy.   You may recall reading this article where he was caught by students zooming in on photos of a student that he surreptitiously photographed in his class. He used to be a teacher at Palisades High School

ICE Now Has Billboards In Area To Help Catch Sanctuary Fugitives

by Alex Lloyd Gross Sanctuary policies do not work, says the US Customs and Immigration   Enforcement Agency.  When a violent criminal  who is arrested by police in Philadelphia where their  immigration status is not of a US Citizen, too often that person is not deported. They are released into the community, and many times commit

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