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June 28, 2017


City gets ready for Welcome America

By Alex Lloyd Gross During the summertime,  people like to go to the beach and play in the sand. Today, even Mayor Kenney got to play , just for a brief couple of seconds, when he signed his name into a sand sculpture at the Shops at Liberty Place.  Located on the ground floor of

City soda tax cash is way under predictions

By Alex Lloyd Gross What do you do when you predict an outcome and parameters change?  You alter the predictions, and that is what Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney has done with the Beverage Tax.  Just this month, the State Supreme Court ruled that the tax stood on solid ground, from a legal perspective. That, after

May Fair held over weekend

By  Alex Lloyd Gross Brisk weather did not stop the annual May fair from happening. The outside event took place with a short burst of rain on Saturday.  Franford Avenue was closed around the Cottman Avenue vicinity.  People were able to check out a car and motorcycle show that spanned an entire city block.  There

Low voter turnout pushes Krasner to victory

By Alex Lloyd Gross A very low voter turnout has propelled Democratic District Attorney candidate Larry Krasner to victory in Philadelphia.  He’s not the DA yet, first he must beat Beth Grossman, the republican candidate in November.  Krasner, a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia  is backed by political meddler George Soros, and that could be

Downingtown school administrator suspended after video rant

By Alex Lloyd Gross Zach Ruff, 40, Assistant Vice Principal to the Dowingtown STEM Academy has been suspended indefinable , after being caught on video cursing at, and trying to intimidate two teenagers who were protesting abortion, on a public street, outside his school.  “YOU DON’T TALK TO MY STUDENTS” Ruff screamed at the pair,

City tries to tout Berkeley “Soda Tax”

By Alex Lloyd Gross Yesterday, April 18, 2017,  Philadelphia city officials were quick to bring out a public study about the “sweetened beverage tax” in Berkeley California. The study,   by the Public Health Institute and the University of North Carolina were quick to find that this tax had health benefits, that sales of soda fell

Pepsi restricts sales of soda to Philly stores

By Alex Lloyd Gross Yes, you read the headline right. Starting this spring, Pepsi will no longer be supplying grocery stores in Philadelphia with 2-Liter bottles of soda and multi packs of cans.. They just are not selling in the city.  That includes products bottled by Pepsi as well, such as Mountain Dew.  However, Coke

Philadelphia District Attorney indicted

By Alex Lloyd Gross Seth Williams, the Philadelphia District Attorney was indicted today, March 22, 2017 by Federal Authorities. He is alleged to have used his office to go easy on criminals, and help friends breeze past Airport Security when they return from trips in exchange for money or other  gifts..  He is also accused

Pro Trump rally held in Bensalem

By Alex Lloyd Gross About 1000 people RSVP’d that they would show up and attend a Pro President Trump rally in Bensalem Saturday, March 4,2017.  The rally was held at Neshaminy State Park. Most who said they would make it,  did  come and show their support for Trump. The unofficial estimate was about 1000 people. 

Region comes together after cemetery vandalized

By Alex Lloyd Gross Currently, police are calling the desecration of over 100 headstones at the Mount Carmel Jewish Cemetery “Institutional Vandalism”. It’s not being called a “Hate Crime’  officially.  Unofficially, it is and much worse. Yesterday, February 29, 2017, multiple politicians  and local residents gathered near the site, so denounce the act.  While they

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