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Richard Ross Is Out As Philadelphia Police Commissioner

By Alex Lloyd Gross Richard Ross submitted his resignation  to Mayor James Kenney today, August 20.  Effective immediately he is no longer the Commissioner of Police.  That job is an appointed one and whoever holds it, serves at the behest of the mayor.  News of Ross’ departure took the city by shock. Few people saw

Public Can See New Voting Machines In Bucks County This Month

Bucks County will conduct a third and final public demonstration of new voting machine options at Bucks County Community College’s Newtown campus on Monday, Aug. 19. The demonstration will take place from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Gallagher Room of the Charles E. Rollins Center on the campus, located at 275 Swamp Road

House Votes To Raise Minimum Wage to $15.00/hr

By Alex Lloyd Gross The federal government did what the Pennsylvania house and senate will not do. They called for a vote on the minimum wage and it passed. It passed along party lines, which was to be expected, however, locally, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-1) voted in favor of the bill. This is something he

Motorists Gouged By New Toll On Scudders Falls Bridge

By Alex Lloyd Gross In a way to get money by any means possible,  by the government,or a quasi -government agency, a $2.60 toll Enacted this weekend to drive over a once free bridge is causing motorists and local townships a massive headache.  The toll of $2.60  is applied automatically via a toll reader that

PA House Republicans Balance 2019 Budget On Backs of Poor

By Alex Lloyd Gross House Republicans are proud of themselves.  They passed their budget of $34.9 Billion  and did in on the backs of  the states most vulnerable population. The working poor and the unemployed.   The budget passed with the elimination of the General Assistance Program.  This money, given to people that need it the

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