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PA House Republicans Balance 2019 Budget On Backs of Poor

By Alex Lloyd Gross House Republicans are proud of themselves.  They passed their budget of $34.9 Billion  and did in on the backs of  the states most vulnerable population. The working poor and the unemployed.   The budget passed with the elimination of the General Assistance Program.  This money, given to people that need it the

Congress Wants a raise, Local Representative Says “NO”

By Alex Lloyd Gross Can you survive and live comfortable on about $170,000 per year?  Some members of congress cannot and they think it is time for a Cost Of Living Adjustment in their paychecks in the amount of $4,500.00 per year.  This, while thousands of American workers struggle with their bills and work for

And the Primary Winners Are…

The following is a breakdown of winners and losers on Tuesday based on unofficial results published by the Bucks County Board of Elections.  Digital Reporter – Jeff Bohen Tuesday’s primary election turnout, according to county officials was at or about “average” for a municipal election. The last time voter turnout surpassed the 20 percent mark,

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