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September 22, 2017


Phila cop to be fired after shooting

By Alex Lloyd Gross Ryan Pownall,  a 12 year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department will be fired  at the start of next month, after serving a 30day suspension, police officials said during a news conference today.  Pownall shot David Jones in the back, after stopping Jones for a traffic violation involving a dirt bike

FOP Lodge hosts pro police rally

By Alex Lloyd Gross On August 31, 2017,  a rally to show support for law enforcement was held at the FOP Lodge 5 in Philadelphia. About 2000 people showed up.  It was open to the public. Anyone could come in and anyone did.  You did not have to be a Philly cop to show up. 

Philly teacher arrested and suspended for threatening police

By Alex Lloyd Gross John Sheerin, the 63 year old man who was filmed threatening police during a protest to take down the Frank Rizzo statue  has been arrested over the weekend in  Philadelphia.  During one skirmish, the man could be seen challenging cops and acting out.  He was not arrested at the scene, that

City to consider moving Rizzo Statue

By Alex Lloyd Gross Black Lives Matter,  a group that has been called dangerous by the Southern Poverty Law Center has called for the removal of the statue of Frank Rizzo.. Now, Mayor Jim Kenney has capitulated to their views and has commissioned  public input to offer suggestions on what to do with it. The

Arrests made after Rizzo statue vandalized multiple times.

By Alex Lloyd Gross For about 20 years a statue outside of the Municipal Services Building depicting  the late Frank L. Rizzo  stood  alone. People came, saw it and let it be. Now, in August of 2017,  two separate racists thought they were offended by this statue and had to vandalize it.   With recent events

New Philadelphia District Attorney sworn in today

By Alex Lloyd Gross Today, July 24 ,2017, Kelley B. Hodge was sworn in at the 25th District Attorney for the city of Philadelphia.  There was a ceremony inside courtroom 253, as friends and family of Hodge gathered to watch the occasion. There were three speakers. Attorney Christine Wechler Rayer. who called Hodge a friend

Federal court overturns police camera ruling

By Alex Lloyd Gross It has always been legal to film the police.. Unfortunately, in 2016 a Federal Judge erred in a huge way, when he upheld the conviction of two different people arrested for filming police activity. Justice Mark A. Kearney apparently was not paying attention when his law school taught Constitutional Law ,

NJ Governor caught lying by the press over beach visit

By Alex Lloyd Gross Governor Chris Christie, of New Jersey   was caught lying to the media and to the citizens of New Jersey, yesterday, July 2 2017. There is a budget impasse in the garden state and that means all non essential services are closed.  Closed to the general public.  Island beach State Park is

Bristol boat docks and pier open

By Alex Lloyd Gross After a bunch of speeches, the ribbon was cut on the boat docks and fishing pier for Bristol Borough. The $3 million project was paid for with grants and politicians wrangling money for the project . Last night,June 29, 2017, the waiting was over and the ribbon was cut.  The pier

Seth Williams pleads guilty: District Attorney jailed

By Alex Lloyd Gross When Seth Williams was indicted, he assured everyone that he was innocent and the charges against him were wrong. In the middle of his trial, Williams accepted a plea deal that would require him to plead guilty to one count of The Travel Act. While Williams thought that he would be

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