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Man Arrested For Shooting At Police Near Mayfair

by Alex Lloyd Gross UPDATE JAN 20,2022 10:00 PM Police observed a Jeep parked on the 6800 block of Ditman Street.  That Jeep was wanted for several robberies. It had no tag on it.  Cops surveilled the Jeep until the driver came and got into i9t. As he drove off, police tried to stop it 

Victim Who Shot Car Thief Is Arrested By Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross A 54 year old male was arrested after he shot at three males who were trying to steal his car or a catalytic converter, on the 5800 block of  Cobbs Creek Parkway..  One of the males lost his life over the attempt to steal.   The incident happened   on January 18

Carjacking Near Center City Philly Caught On Video

by Alex Lloyd Gross There has been an epidemic of carjackings in Philadelphia.   One 16 year old carjacker was shot and killed by a victim with a  legally owned firearm.  There are quite a few other carjackings that result in the victim getting the car.  Police recently released a video showing suspects wanted for an 

Preventable Fires Killed Multiple People In January 2022

by Alex Lloyd Gross Most fires can be prevented.   In New York and Philadelphia , multiple people have died in multi family dwellings and in those two mass casualty fires, they both could have been prevented, fire officials said. In Philadelphia,  a five year old playing with a lighter  set the family Christmas tree on

Cops: Woman found Dead In Park Was Murdered

by Alex Lloyd Gross On Saturday, January 9 2022 a woman was found dead at Neshaminy State Park.which was first published by Delaware Valley News .com   here. The woman has been positively identified as 50 year old Lisa Jennings. She was from Philadelphia, authorities said.   Her nude body was found by park visitors. She

Police Want You To “Drop A Dime” On Change Machine Thieves

by Alex Lloyd Gross Running a business is tougher than ever.  Nobody wants to work. Employees call  out sick,  intense government interference drives away customers.  Then there is theft.  A laundromat that is open 24/7 in Lower Southampton Twp. Bucks County got hit hard  when two thieves walked in and stole an entire change machine.

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