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Preventable Fires Killed Multiple People In January 2022

by Alex Lloyd Gross Most fires can be prevented.   In New York and Philadelphia , multiple people have died in multi family dwellings and in those two mass casualty fires, they both could have been prevented, fire officials said. In Philadelphia,  a five year old playing with a lighter  set the family Christmas tree on

City looking Into Vehicular Traffic ON MLK Drive

PHILADELPHIA – The City’s Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability (OTIS) today issued a Request for Information (“RFI”) to gather information regarding best practices and trends in managing the public’s access to streets and to explore potential opportunities to advance the City’s efforts in managing access to a variety of street types. Specifically, OTIS seeks

Flying For the Holidays? Own A Gun? Read This….

PHILADELPHIA – United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Jennifer Arbittier Williams, the United States Attorneys for the Middle and Western Districts of Pennsylvania, and the Pennsylvania Sheriffs’ Association are joining forces this holiday season to educate airline travelers on the safe and proper way to transport firearms and thereby reduce risk and

Bensalem Fuel Spill Shuts Street Road For Over An Hour

by Alex Lloyd Gross September 30, 2021, Two trucks collided on the 500 block of Street Road just before noon today, on the 500 block of Street Road in Bensalem.  The accident was minor and no one was hurt. Unfortunately, on of the trucks struck the saddle tank of a tractor. This caused about 25

Attention Ignoramuses and Entitled People-River Road Is CLOSED!!!

by Alex Lloyd Gross September 28,2021 Seriously??  The area of River Road in Upper Makefield PA is closed.  It’s closed to cars, it’s closed to bikes and also pedestrians. That fact did not stop a handful of the stupid from driving around the signs.  These were not emergency responders or road workers. These were frustrated

676 Still Flooded, City Hopes To Reopen It Monday

by Alex Lloyd Gross Route 676, the expressway in center city Philadelphia  that will take you from the Art Museam area to  the Penns Landing area was flooded from Hurricane Ida.  Not just a bit of water but  enough to float a small boat in.  Luckily, no car were stranded with occupants trapped  during the

Gas Prices Expected To Jump Before Labor Day Due To Hurricane

August 31 2021 by Alex Lloyd Gross Hurricane Ida has pulverized the Gulf states area and the residual effects are heading this way, to this region. That means heavy rain and strong winds.  Unfortunately, that also means  increased prices at the gas pump, according to AAA Mid Atlantic Bureau Spokesperson Jana Tidwell.      

New Falls Bridge Is Now Open To Traffic

by Alex Lloyd Gross Take a look at the above photo. It’s now a memory.  It shows the construction and the detour in place of the New Falls Road Bridge that was  a pain for travelers in Lower Bucks County..     Travelers going through to Bensalem and Bristol had to detour via Zimmerman Lane

Portion Of Newportville Road Is Closed In Bristol

by Alex Lloyd Gross July 12 2021,  A major rain storm that is reported to have dumped at least 10 inches of rain in some areas ( according to the National Weather Service)  has caused flooding in residential streets and major highways.  While the water is gone, lots of damage is in it’s wake.  A

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