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January 21, 2018


Two pedestrians hurt in center city crash

By Alex Lloyd Gross Just before noon, two vehicles traveling west on JFK Boulevard in center city bumped into each other. One of those vehicles was a  minivan  operated  by a female from Northwest Philadelphia . After the minor collision, that minivan veered out of control, jumped a curb and smashed into a newsstand, moving

Amtrak conductor arrested for derailment

By Alex Lloyd Gross Brandon Bostian, the conductor who was responsible for the Amtrak crash in May 2015 that killed eight people and injured over 200 more was charged by the office of the Attorney General today, May 18, 2017, when it became clear that the Philadelphia District Attorney would not be pursuing any criminal

Turnpike Bridge now open

By Alex Lloyd Gross The morning rush hour got a bit easier for motorists today, March 10, 2017, as the bridge that connects the Pennsylvania and new Jersey Turnpike was reopened to traffic. late last night.  The bridge was closed in  January of this year. Construction officials credit the warm weather for putting them ahead

Philly Mayor at odds with Trump policy

By Alex Lloyd Gross Donald Trump made no secret his immigration policy when he was running for president.  Now that he got elected, it should come as no surprise that he would enact them. He did, putting a hold on entry to the United States  by some people with citizenship  in certain countries until they

Traffic troubles as PA/NJ Turnpike bridge closed

By Alex Lloyd Gross Painting contractors  working on the connector bridge on the turnpike between Pennsylvania and New Jersey found a crack and or a fissure in the steel. They reported this to their supervisors who contacted authorities. The end result was the complete closure of the bridge .  In both directions.  That means you

SEPTA strike is over . Service not yet available

By Alex Lloyd Gross Just because the union and management reached an agreement to end the week long  SEPTA strike does not mean the system is back running in an hour or two.  It will take 24 hours.  That means for the evening rush hour, you should still use your alternate plan to get home

SEPTA strike leaves riders furious

By Alex Lloyd Gross Effective midnight November 1 2016 all city buses and subway trains ground to a halt as the union for transport workers authorized their membership to go on strike.  That means hundreds of  thousands of people must find a different way to get to work. Not too many are happy about it. 

SEPTA gets passengers stuck in Bensalem flood

By Alex Lloyd Gross Heavy torrential rains that fell last night, July 25 2016 quickly flooded area streets and  underpasses. Like Station Ave. in Bensalem. There, at that location a SEPTA short bus drove into the flood waters and stalled. At least 12 passengers were on the bus and local fire departments were called to

Traffic trouble in South Jersey

By Alex  Lloyd Gross Motorists in Cherry hill NJ found themselves stuck in traffic today, May 10, 2016.  A vehicle plowed  into a utility pole just after  5;00 AM  on Rt. 70 near Grove Avenue.  The pole snapped in half and live wires came down onto the roadway.  To add insult to injury, police said

Two crashes in Bensalem tie up local roads

By Alex Lloyd Gross Two one vehicle accidents withing hours of each other caused local roads in Bensalem Bucks County to become traffic nightmares for local drivers, yesterday, May 1, 2016.  The first crash was on Galloway Road, near Bristol Road. one vehicle went off the road and struck a pole . The driver was

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