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Bucks County Corona Virus

Schools Closed Due To COVID-19 Concerns As Stores See Run On Supplies

By Alex Lloyd Gross No one in this region has the Coronavirus. However, health administration officials have closed all of the the Cheltenham School District;s schools  until next Monday, for deep cleaning. This after it was revealed that a student’s parent was a caregiver to someone that has the virus.  The parent had not exhibited

Just In- Coronavirus Concern Closes 5 Central Bucks County Schools

by Alex Lloyd Gross, March 6 2020, Fears and concerns over the Corona Virus has caused  five schools in Central Bucks County to close.  This is done as a precautionary measure, and the schools are closed for a “deep cleaning”,  Dr. David Damsker,  Director of Bucks County Health Department and Dr. Sharon Watkins,  Pennsylvania Department