Philly cop seriously hurt in hit and run



By Alex Lloyd Gross

An arrest is imminent  for the man who cops said deliberately struck a Philadelphia Police Officer who was going to question him about a gun incident, cops said.  According to reports, cops spotted a man matching the description of a man with a gun at 27th and Sears  Streets,  about 6:30 PM on December 14, 2015.  The man ran from cops and got into  his vehicle and drove away, the wrong way down Sears Street, which is one way.

As the cop from the 17th District tried to stop him, the man struck the officer with his car, and kept driving.  Neighbors who saw what happened were horrified and responded immediately to help the officer in need.  Those neighbors were praised by police brass.  The suspect abandoned his vehicle nearby at 27th and Ellsworth Streets and responding police got lucky. In his haste to get away, the man left family members inside the vehicle, including an 11year old boy. They were quick to identify the suspect.

Now,cops know who they are looking for. The still unidentified officer has a shattered leg, a broken kneecap and a serious head injury.  He is expected to survive. The  vehicle the suspect was driving is undrivable, with a smashed windshield and a dented hood.   The car was impounded. With DNA tests around the steering wheel, witness testimony and finger print and other forensic  evidence  that is gathered,  a conviction is  all but guaranteed.