Kathryn Knott found guilty of assault in gay bashing

Social media A circulated photo of Kathryn Knott drinking

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Kathryn Knott, was found guilty today, December 18, 2015 of simple assault ,conspiracy and reckless endangering another person, stemming from her role in a beating that took place in Philadelphia on September 11, 2014.  Knott, of Bucks County was present that night with several friends when they saw two gay men in the vicinity of 16th and Chancellor streets. Words were exchanged and punches were thrown.

When it was all said and done, the victims were beaten so badly, they needed surgery.  Video was released and the internet community came through with the identities of Knott and Kevin Harrigan along with Phillip Williams were all charged.  Both Harrigan and Williams admitted their involvement and received light sentences of no jail time , probation and are not allowed in center city during their probation.  Knott demanded a trial and denied doing anything wrong.

The jury saw it otherwise. They found her not guilty of aggravated assault  but all of the other charges resulted in a guilty verdict. She will be sentenced on February 8, 2016.  Philadelphia District Attorney said that ” Hate has no place in this great city of ours”. Knott was singled out by the media who found her social media accounts  and distributed photos of her . That had zero impact on the jury.

Knott also was criticized for tweeting lies about her involvement in a ride along that she did with her father when he was a supervisor with the Abington Police. He is now the Chief of  Police of  a Bucks County town.  It is quite possible that Kathryn Knott will face some jail time in this incident.