Senator Casey visits Philly to help fight terrorism


DSC_0385By Alex Lloyd Gross

Senator Robert P.. Casey visited with Mayor James Kenney and Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross today, January 14, 2016 inside Police Headquarters  at 8th and Race Streets to brief them on what he was going to do to help first responders battle terrorism. He was also there to learn about  Officer Jesse Hartnett, who was  shot by a lone wolf terrorist last week in Philadelphia.  This is not the first incident of suspected terrorism in Pennsylvania. The other involved a 19 year old from Harrisburg who was caught before he could do anything.

The lawmaker has invited Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to a round table discussion in Philadelphia, to discuss a new Office of Community Partnerships. This program would give grants to local police to bring resources to stop  attacks before they stop and by sharing information with local authorities.  Recently, several young American Citizens have tried to join ISIS. These people are  easily influenced young adults and teenagers  who cannot yet to grasp the magnitude of what they are doing.  When they leave home, they are often raped, hurt or killed overseas by members of ISIS.

During a press conference, Mayor Kenney blasted those on social media and  members of the media who took his prior comments out of context when he said the shooting of Hartnett was not terrorism.  “This incident does not reflect any of the close to 200,000 Muslims that live in Philadelphia. They should not be held responsible for the actions of one individual”, he said today. . Kenny was blasted in the national media for his earlier comments.  As for reports that a woman tipped off cops that the gunman was part of a larger cell, Kenney said “We are thankful for this woman coming forward and we will investigate her claims”. DSC_0398

Officer Hartnett is still in the hospital and has a long way to go before he can go home. Police Commissioner Ross would not elaborate further on the severity  of his injuries.   The Senator would not  rule out the Federal Government working with foreign countries and organizations, such as the Israel, to profile and detect terrorist before they strike.