Philly cops seek homeless man in homicide

Philadelphia Police John Brock- wanted.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

When a homeless man attempted to enter the Station House   shelter at 2601 North Broad street,  during the early morning hours of January 17, 2016 he was turned away and refused to leave. Workers said he was intoxicated. Cops were called and they thought that was the end of it.   A few hours  later, the male returned and demanded his belongings. The workers told him  they were stored and did not have access to his things at this time. The man left and returned quickly with a gun.  He shot two employees, killing one of them,  Edward Barksdale, and wounding the other man.

The incident happened early yesterday, January 17, 2016. A little over 24 hours  after the incident, cops released a photo and have identified the suspect.  His name is John  Brock and he lived at the shelter for the past few months.   He is homeless and with the weather getting colder, he may try to gain access to another shelter  or warm building, like an all night drug store or  Wal-Mart, or subway stop.  Cops are looking for him  and can use your help if you see him, by calling 911.

Mayor Kenney said that the city will work with the shelter to access their security.   It is doubtful that Brock will show back up to The Station House  but just in case, there are additional police detailed there.