Man dead after Bensalem forklift accident

Alex Lloyd Gross- The incident scene

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Bensalem police still have no idea how a 53 year old worker at an industrial building wound up on the loading dock, it a forklift turn on it’s side,on top of him. The incident happened just after 10:30a.m. today, February 3, 2016. The building, which sits at the end of Marshall lane, near  near  Neshaminy State Park,  was surrounded by emergency workers, when co workers found the man outside on the loading dock.

In spite of heroic efforts, he passed from his injuries at Torresdale Hospital.  The scene was very bloody,  and sources tell Delaware Valley that he could have sustained a broken neck.   One theory that workers were floating around was that he was operating his forklift near an open bay door when the truck fell off and overturned on top of him on the ground below.  The impact from the fall was devastating.

His identity has not been released and OSHA is investigating the incident.  Cops are hoping security footage will point them in the direction they need to know about a cause.  The loading area of Combined Express was closed for most of the day while the investigation unfolded.