McDonalds closed in Philly, sign on door misleads people


By Alex Lloyd Gross

The McDonalds fast food joint on the 9900 block of Roosevelt Blvd in Philadelphia has closed. It closed suddenly, with no notice.  When that happens,it is one of the dumbest business decisions that someone could make.  What will take it’s place is anyone’s guess, but rumors have been floated from a WAWA to  the building being demolished.

What is very interesting is this is a franchise store. That means it is not owned by the company. A franchisee will pay money to McDonalds in order to operate as a McDonalds. Some people have multiple franchise locations in a geographic area.  During a one hour surveillance of the empty building, no less than 250 potential customers were mislead when they read a sign on the door directing them to another nearby restaurant.  Those restaurants were owned by the same franchisee and they are hoping someone will be craving McDonalds enough to drove to one of the locations on the typed up sign,

In reality, there are multiple locations that are much closer if someone wanted that particular brand of food.  The only difference is the money being spent on food is not going to the owners of the Blvd. franchise.  The above official link still lists that store as open.  one just has to travel less than a mile to Red lion and Bustleton where there is another McDonalds operating with no plans to close.

This shuttered business not only leaves thousands of customers pissed off, it  also leaves dozens of people out of work.  In this economy that is not a good thing. Perhaps the other locations an absorb the displaced employees,  but any hours they get will be  taken from others.  There is also the inconvenience factor to those employees now without jobs.

If you must have your fix, there are other locations such as Franklin Mills and Red lion that are much closer than Cottman Ave. and Roosevelt Blvd.