Former Eagles player wanted for questioning in assault on Philly cops


By Alex Lloyd Gross

LaSean McCoy is being sought by questioning  by Philadelphia Police in connection with his involvement in a serious assault against two off duty Philadelphia cops who were in  the Recess lounge  at 125 North 2nd street in Philadelphia, when the altercation ensued.  The incident started when one of the cops ordered more than one bottle of champagne and  one male who was with McCoy is alleged to have grabbed one of the bottles from a cop.

When he protested,  the cop was punched and knocked to the ground, where  McCoy and three of his friends   are alleged to have punched and kicked the cop.  Another off duty cop who  was with his friend tried to intervene and club security became involved and ejected all of the combatants.  A video does show the ejection but not the assault, cops tell Delaware Valley

Both cops drove themselves to local hospitals. The first officer has a broken nose,  several broken ribs.  The second cop may have sustained a skull fracture.  McCoy , who now plays for the Buffalo Bills  was the only player named.  If he is charged, he could be facing felony charges that , due to the nature of the injuries , could very well  end  his NFL career  effective immediately.  In fact, any player involved is in danger of losing their career over this matter.

So far, the matter is being investigated and no one has been arrested. Drew Rosenhaus, McCoy’s agent  did not make a statement.