Like crafts? ACRE convention in Philly is for you


Photo- Alex Lloyd Gross- One of the displays at the craft show. Notice the spinning wheel.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

With the proliferation of Wal-Mart and big box retailers, people looking for different things to decorate their houses need not look any farther than the Pennsylvania Convention Center. A myriad of independent craft artists are showing off their wares.  It’s not mass produced glutton that every one has. These items are unique. From metal animals made from  junkyard car parts to lamps and cat clocks, it’s all there. It’s pretty neat to see as well, especially,if you are decorating a new house.

The American Craft Retailers Expo is in town until Monday  February 15, 2016.  Take a stroll and see what you can see. Some people do things with lamps and light. Others make clothes or clothing accessories such as jewerly or hand bags..  The object of this is to bring the wares in front of the eyes of consumers and retail buyers that can make  a product more popular.   While most of the items are for sale, like a handcrafted wooden train locomotive, that sells for $2500.00, other things simply cannot be bought. Like a three foot spinning wheel that turns in front of a booth.  It took countless hours to design and make.

If you are an artist or have a desire to design things, then you should be at this show. You can get marketing tips or network with craftsmen and craftswomen all over North America. for more information, go here.