Philly cops: Shoplifter escapes but leaves child in store

Mahognay Ashly Terry

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police have arrested a mother who is accused by Macy’s Loss Prevention center city  team of allegedly stealing $1400 worth of Merchandise last February 11, 20-16,  was taken into custody and handcuffed. The woman identified herself as Mahogany  Ashley Terry from the 2400 block of North 29th Street in Philadelphia.  was cooperating with the store detectives when she was left alone for a brief period of time.  When they returned to the room, she was gone. However, her four year old daughter was left behind.

So here was the Loss Prevention Department with an unidentified and scared child who was just abandoned by her mother, after watching her mother get arrested for stealing.   Cops were called and the child was placed in protective custody, before being reunited with more responsible relatives.   With that part of the story having a happy ending, cops had to  find Terry.  They did. A simple shoplifting charge that would have probably resulted in probation has now been escalated to more serious charge, such as endangering the welfare of a child. She has been arrested today, February 23, 2016.