Harlem Globetrotters come to play in Philly

Alex Lloyd Gross-Photo Delaware Valley News- With antics like this it’s a wonder any serious basketball was played.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

The world famous Harlem Globetrotters are making a week long visit to the area.  They started at the Liacouras Center , will travel to Allentown,  Atlantic City New Jersey and then back to Philly on March 12 ,2016.  This time they are playing the World All Stars, who come to play. Unfortunately for them, the Globetrotters will come to play around.  Those who think they will see a quality, competitive basketball game should know better.

Alex Lloyd Gross photo Delaware Valley News.com The All Stars coach brings out a rule book to protest. He was denied.

This is a family entertainment show.  The deck is stacked against the All Stars even before they take the court.   The tricks start from the tip off, when an All Star  reveals himself to be a Globetrotter and continues through the game. Every quarter is filled with shenanigans.  The anonymous All Stars have the worst record of any basketball team ever, except to the Washington Generals. Actually, it’s the same team but  with a different name.

The anonymous All Stars  and their hapless manager will  be forced to deal with fans being brought onto the court to shoot baskets, then their manager will whip out a rule book and protest. In fact, he was protesting so much  during the Saturday afternoon game at the Wells Fargo Center he failed to notice the clock or the scoreboard. Suffice it to say, while the Globetrotters were walking pretty fans down onto the court to get “married” , the clock was running.

Alex Lloyd Gross -Delaware Valley News.com The ref sits in the stands and eats fans popcorn.

The All Stars did not do tricks, they tried to play basketball.  They scored legitimate points , even leading by the first quarter.  The defense stunk against the Globetrotters who would run circles around their opponent, then  either make a difficult shot, or play with the crowd. When the lone referee would make a call against the Globetrotters, he would be chastised, and at one point,  he had a bucket of water tossed at him.  The Globetrotters should not be too upset, as he was spending time mingling with the crowd or chatting up pretty girls, while the Globetrotters were traveling up and down the court.

Alex Lloyd Gross Delaware Valley News.com In between the antics, a bit of serious basketball was played.

During one break in play, the ref went into the stands and sat next to a fan, eating her popcorn , watching the game from a few rows from the court.  As was reported earlier, with about 90 seconds on the clock,  the All Stars suddenly led by points they had not scored.  Within a few seconds, the Globetrotters had taken the lead and won the game.  A rope is set up and fans are invited down for autographs which are free. While the All Stars retreat to their locker room, the Globetrotters sign basketballs or other items for their fans. Basketballs are priced at $25.00, for a regulation ball,  mini,s are $20.00. The biggest disappointment is the ref does not stay out for autographs. For all of the abuse he took at the behest of the Globetrotters, he should get some glory. Lot’s of fans wanted to see the ref, and a few wanted to see the All Stars coach.

All of the Globetrotters players get to interact with the crowd. They wear microphones and have routines. This is their 90 th  anniversary. Go here to see when they  are playing your area. Half the game is played in retro jersey’s .  in between the antics and stunts, there is some competitive basketball played .  Make no mistake the World All Stars are paid to lose.  The Globetrotters said that their last loss was in 1971 to the Generals.  That was a freak accident and will never again be repeated.