Lita Ford gets ready for area show

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo Delaware Valley Lita Ford at the All Things that Rock Convention just last year.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Lita Ford is coming to the area for a show.  On April 1 2016  she will be at the reading Eagle Theater. That’s not an April Fool joke either.  Ford is just about ready to release some 1980′ s music  in the form of a new CD called Time Capsule.   While other artists may play 80,s metal style, this music was originally recorded in the mid to late 1980’s.  “They were not something  that was done for a record company, this is something I did on my own. I just wanted to  have fun and I went into the studio to goof off.That’s why i ended up with the tapes”, explains Ford, when she was asked my they were sitting in a closet for 20 plus years.

“All these musicians kept coming over,  Dave Navarro, Gene Simmons, every time they would show up we would throw them on a song” Ford said. Songs like “Anything for the Thrill ”  Mr. Corruption, were done way back.   When Ford realized what treasure she had,  the tapes were transported back from the Caribbean to the United States, where they were baked and sealed to insure they would not flake and be destroyed. “We were able to transfer them from analog to digital and we  remixed the track, Ford said.

Lita has not been in this area for about three years, to play live.  She is heavily involved in clinics and places like the School of Rock.  “It teaches kids music, it’s important, so important, it’s a real great thing”, Ford related.  She also does some rock cruises.    When she is in a clinic and someone that cannot play anything  Lita said “I’ll try to teach them something, I’ll teach them a chord or a way to tune,  It’s who you are and what you are mostly likely to learn first”.

Fans that want to meet her can go here to purchase a VIP package. “You will be schlepped around backstage and we will meet, Lita said.”   Lita said she also likes to do conventions. Some of them are horror autograph conventions and others are rock themed.  “They are a blast, Ford said. You  can get one on one with your fans it’s a no rush situation cause you are there all day, Ford said.

Lita  is not headlining the show, she is direct support for Halestorm.  Look for her to be on stage for about one hour.  Lita said “I travel all across the country to play shows.  Some are closer for fans than others”,  She laughs, “I cannot play your back yard ,  so come on out it’s gonna be a good time”.