Cops nab dog killer in Willow Grove

charles McCafferty ivBy Alex Lloyd Gross

Last week,  cops found a puppy that had been murdered by a coward who kept it in a cage and then wrapped it in plastic, starved it and left the animal to die.  Today, they arrested the coward, identified as Charles Mccafferty, IV 22, of Lansdale. He faces felony charges of animal cruelty if he is convicted. Police said he was the dogs owner.

The arrest was announced very quickly, today, March 25, 2016.  People allover the country were outraged and someone turned him in.  a reward of $5000.00 was offered by not yet  claimed.  Upon conviction of this crime, McCafferty  can look forward to beatings and sexual assaults  daily in prison.  In prison culture, the only thing lower than an animal abuser is a child rapist.

His hearing has not been scheduled.  The community is upset and in a rare move, the Upper Dublin Police thanked the thousands of community members that called for support and tips.   The evidence against McCafferty IV is strong. The community  has exploded in rage filled tweets and Facebook postings, calling for him to be jailed. Probation or community service is not going to be an option.

The dog , a Pit Bull Terrier puppy  never had a chance. Cops said that it was starved to death. Cops did not say why the animal was killed. Recently, the FBI began to get involved with the tracking of animal cruelty .  Here is his personal FACEBOOK.