Wind blows over billboard in Bristol

Dawn Altstatt- Photo Delaware valley News. Com. workers call in a crane and figure out how to remove the massive billboard.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Serious wind gusts occurred  during the afternoon of March 28, 2016. Throughout the region, small  trees were blown over,  and at times, utility poles become up-rooted.  In Bristol Twp., Bucks County Pa., a huge billboard came down and when it came crashing down from a wind gust, it brought wires from all of the utilities to the ground with it. The area of Airport Road was affected. There were no injuries.  The billboard came down at the bottom root.  The entire street was blocked and even though PECO was able to secure a power line, the pole could not be removed until late the next day.

Roads around the area will remain closed through March 29. This includes most access to the industrial park.  There was no power so nearby hotels   had to remain shuttered.  The pole and billboard weigh in over two tons and must be removed with a crane.  There is no word on if that billboard will be replaced.