No charges for Shady in bar fracas

By Acoplogolex Lloyd Gross

On April 4, 2016  Seth Williams, the Philadelphia District Attorney refused to file any charges  stemming from a bar fight in February of this year that involved  three off duty Philadelphia cops.  The three cops, identified as Sgt. Daniel Ayers, Darnell Jessie and Roland Butler were beaten up by LeSean McCoy and some of his friends in the Recess Lounge . Some of the cops sustained very serious injuries.

The District Attorney viewed shaky cell phone video that was unusable, as it was shaky and did not show very much. They also viewed security footage  and photographs, which were a bit clearer but not much.  No less than 44 interviews were conducted. It appears the fight started over a bottle of champagne. The original story can be found here.

It is possible that one of the off duty cops started the incident and got more than they asked for when the fight started.  State law allows for the use  of force to defend yourself or another person if you believe that the use of force is the only way to prevent injury to yourself or to another person.  Mayor James Kenney  stated  earlier he was disappointing and wanted  McCoy and anyone involved arrested.  He has not  issued any statement after this announcement from the District Attorney.

The fact that no charges have been filed via the criminal courts does not mean that McCoy and his friends are off scott free. He can be suspended or terminated from the NFL.  He can also be sued civilly and that case would have to go through the courts unless a settlement  is reached before trial.  There is no timetable for the NFL investigation to be concluded. LeSean McCoy currently plays for the Buffalo Bills and was formerly a Philadelphia Eagle.