Huge crowds Feel the Bern at Temple University

Special to Roger Barone Copyright 2016 Sanders speaks during the rally.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Bernie Sanders Just came off a rally at the Liacouras center, on the campus of Temple University yesterday, April 6, 2016..  The crowds were so huge Sanders camp  had to hold an impromptu rally across the street inside a different building. An estimated 11000 people crammed into the arena to see and hear Sanders talk about his vision for America.   He plays well to this crowd who were overwhelmingly supportive of him and hanging on every word.

This rally was on his schedule and was well publicized, unlike the previous stop which was small and by invitation only. For this rally the entire city was invited and the entire city showed, or at least a representative from every area.  They all wanted to hear about free public college . Sanders has said that taxes on investment speculation will pay for that.   A rich businessperson who just got hit with a $75,000 tax for his investment probably would not see it the same way .

photo Special to Roger Barone. Copyright 2016. The massive crowd dwarfs Sanders.

Most of the crowd in attendance was young. Under 30. They relish the idea of $15.00 for the  minimum wage.  A business owner might not be so enthusiastic.  The wage does need an increase and Sanders is making it a priority to raise the minimum wage .   This crowd was well behaved and very vocal.  The main rally started a bit late due to the unscheduled event on campus for those that were turned away.

The Pennsylvania Primary will be held April 26 2016. Expect Sanders to make a return trip here  as well as all of the candidates that are running.  Sanders spent the night in Philadelphia before addressing the AFL-CIO convention held in  Philadelphia today, April 7 2016.

Hillary Clinton, also running for President visited Philadelphia yesterday to address the same convention.  Mayor James Kenney was absent from both Sanders events. He has put his support behind Hillary.