Hillary Clinton holds victory party in Philly

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Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley News.com A jubilant Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia
Alex Lloyd Gross photo Delaware Valley News.com Hillary Clinton makes a point during her remarks.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Hillary Clinton won the Pennsylvania Primary, and came up huge on  Super Tuesday winning  Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut,  but losing Rhode island to Bernie Sanders.  Tonight, April  26, 2016, Clinton is well on her way to become the Democratic nominee and should face off against Donald Trump in November.  Trump won all of the states by a large margin.  He gave his remarks at Trump Tower in New York City. Hillary had a room at the Pa. Convention Center.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley News.com Former President Bill Clinton gets into some glad handling.

in a very scripted event, Hillary’s supporters were ushered into the room in groups.  Young girls, in their 20,s were positioned prominently on the riser behind Clinton.  Three risers were set up for the media  to take photographs from.  As more groups of people arrived, the television screen  had started to tune to the  election results from CNN.

Whenever a live shot was broadcast , the crowd went nuts. part of that was due to a man named  Tom.  An energetic Clinton staffer that  had a ton of nonstop energy, getting the crowd going. He was also responsible for positioning the Clinton supporters where he thought they would be the most eye catching.  Older people dressed in suits were put off to the side on the floor, next to Senator Robert Casey and Governor Tom Ridge. Also in the group was former President Bill Clinton.

Alex Lloyd Gross – Photo Delaware Valley News.com Hillary meeting her supporters.

While the crowd was there for Hillary, it was her husband,  Bill that drew the loudest cheers. He still resonates with the crowd after being out of office for over 15 years.  Hillary took the podium.  just after 9;00 PM .She was the only one that spoke during the rally. Her remarks were short and to the point. She thanked Bernie Sanders for helping bring accountability to government.   Of course, she told the crowd she could not do it without them.  The crowd was full of Hillary supporters, as opposed to people that just wanted to come in out of the rain.

This event was open to the public,  but an RSVP was required to get in. After speaking, Hillary left the podium and glad handed with her supporters. When asked by Delaware Valley News.com if it was still her agenda to raise the minimum wage, her response was “Oh, ,  absolutely, we’ll be doing that soon”. She will be making her way back to town later in July for the Democratic National Convention.