City hosts Veterans luncheon

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo Delaware Valley mayor Kenney addresses the attendees.

The City of Philadelphia hosted a lunch for veterans  yesterday, May 10, 2016.The event was held in city hall,  around the corner from the Mayors Office.  Close to 200 people were fed  and thanked for their service.  It’s sobering to learn that a good majority of the class of 1964 from Edison High School lost a lot of their class during the Vietnam War.  Father Judge and Cardinal Dougherty  both have 27 casualties as well.

Almost 50 years  later, the men that served in combat , got together and ate food, shared in the camaraderie that only they can understand.  The event was sponsored by  the Office of Veterans Affairs located in room127 in city hall.  Mayor Kenney spoke for a bit, thanking those in attendance for their service and Council President Darrell Clarke was also present.

Veterans don’t like a lot of speeches by politicians that blabber and don’t say much.  That’s why the festivities were short and to the point.  There was a POW Chair that was unveiled,then it was time to eat. It is important to share stories by the veterans so that younger generations have  an idea what happened. They can learn what was not taught to them in school.