Bensalem Firefighter injured in house fire

Alex Lloyd Gross photo -Delaware Valley Firefighters tend to the injured firefighter

UPDATED 6:30 PM MAY 21 2016


By Alex Lloyd Gross

A volunteer firefighter from Bensalem Township was hurt when he was battling a house fire on the 1100 block of Tennis Ave May 21, 2016..  Official reports were that Firefighter Nick Weaver was working on the roof, venting it to free trapped smoke, when he fell from the roof onto the ground three stories below.  The fire was contained  and firefighters were working to determine if there was any o

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Firefighters work the roof. It is not known if anyone in this photo was involved in the accident.

ther fire trapped in the walls or ceiling areas.

As Weaver tumbled to the ground in front of horrified onlookers. He was quickly tended to by medics and rushed to a local hospital. The house, a single family dwelling was involved when crews from Cornwells Fire Company arrived on scene. Additional firefighters from surrounding areas including Penndel and Bristol Township were summoned to the scene .  There were initial reports that people were trapped in the house but that was determined to be unfounded. One civilian was transported for minor injuries , officials  said. One other firefighter was also taken to the hospital with chest pains.

The cause is under investigation by the Bensalem Twp. Fire Marshal. Fire crews who remained on the scene throughout most of the afternoon..  Firefighter Nick Weaver was working with Station 65,  Nottingham, and is also a paid firefighter for the township on weekends, authorities said.