Red Paw fundraiser to be held June 5

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By Alex Lloyd Gross

Do you want to help animals and have a fun time while you are helping them?  Then go to Sunday Funday, which will benefit  Red Paw

This organization is the Red Cross for animals.  They respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week ti disasters and help animals. When a fire happens lots of times animals are forgotten or not able to be helped.  Enter Red Paw. They will go out  to a fire scene and look for a cat  that might have became trapped in debris, or help find a dog that ran in fear.

Lots of times when they find these pets,  veterinary care is needed and that costs money, even with a discount that a vet can provide.  Food cost money and so does repair and maintenance on their response vehicles.  On Sunday, June 5 2016, from 10:00 AM until 3;00 PM, there will be a fundraiser at 3258 Knights Road in Bensalem, which is located directly across the street from the municipal building. It’s just north of Street Road.

Admission is free, but there will be lots of things to do to help. Donations,  games, and animal rescues will have pets available to adopt. Expect to see a police K-9 demonstration and a best dressed pet contest and a best pet trick contest.  Red Paw has helped over 800 pets since it’s inception n 2011.  This event is put on by World of Animals Vet Hospital.   There will be  different vendors with multiple things  to do and see.

Red Paw  exists in the greater Philly area. They respond to  the five county area.  When a disaster strikes people will be forced to chose  between evacuating and leaving their pets behind.  Those public safety agencies that think that way are backwards , in fact, in New Orleans it is a documented fact that people died or sustained injury when they were told their pets were not able to be evacuated.  Lessons  were learned and the more progressive agencies now make arrangements for animals.  Red Paw assists with this as well in the Delaware Valley. They are a registered 503C charity and anything you give is tax deductible.  To get more information  this event or to help Red Paw, go to the link on top of this page.