Cops asking for public help to ID train crash victim


By Alex Lloyd Gross

Middletown Police need to identify the man who was struck and killed by a fast moving CSX Freight train duri9ng the early morning hours today,  May 31, 2016.  The incident happened just after 2:30 AM near the Langhorne Train Station.  According to a press release, the train was traveling when the unidentified male wearing a “Killian’s  Irish Lager”  red t shirt and black cargo shorts.  The man was standing on the westbound train tracks when the incident happened.

He had no identification on him and Bucks County authorities have no idea who he is.  If the  clothing description seems familiar and you have  not heard from that person, you are urged to contact Middletown Police.  Rail service in the area was curtailed  while the scene was investigated and  cleared.   The man was in an area he was not supposed to be in.