Pharmacist shoots robber dead in Levittown

Dawn Altstatt Photo Delaware Valley The stolen mini van sits outside as cops investigate.

By Alex Lloyd gross

A 55 year old Camden resident is under arrest facing a slew of charges and his friend  and alleged co- conspirator lay dead, stemming from a robbery attempt gone wrong.  The drama unfolded yesterday,  June 3 2016 at the Pennsbury Pharmacy located on the 8500 block of New Falls Road.  Shortly before 10:00 AM a stolen mini van with two people in it  backed into a parking spot in front of the store.

As  Kim Goldsboro, 55 of Camden New jersey waited ,  his friend who has yet to be identified grabbed a scary mask, a shotgun and an umbrella and entered the store.  As the shopkeeper,  Ken Lee saw this, he announced that he had a gun. The robber was not fazed or scared and charged at Lee, who shot him as he tried to climb over the counter. Lee shot him multiple times, in the chest, killing him.  The would be thief was still moving his hands and arms as the cops were being called.

Still sitting in the van, relaxing, unaware of the commotion inside the store   was Goldsboro,who was already on probation for a crime in New Jersey. He was shocked as police swarmed the store and the van he was in. He was quickly arrested without incident and remanded to prison without bail.He his facing homicide,  conspiracy and related charges.  Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler said that no charges will be filed against Lee. As fior the gunman “He asked for something and got exactly what he asked for,” Heckler said.

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